Realistic Christmas List

I will also be doing a much more fun dream Christmas list post, but this is the list that I will be sending to my family.

A couple disclaimers, this is silly and fun, I obviously do not need anything for Christmas, I am happy to just be going home for the holidays and I would be lucky to just spend time with them. But exchanging gifts is a big part of our Christmas and my mom has asked for a list. I will greatly appreciate whatever I receive, on this list or not.

Also I copied this format from Hannah Maute on YouTube. It was just so fun, and I loved that it included the why you are asking for it since I am asking for stuff that I would buy myself, but haven’t wanted to spend the money on, it feels nice to include the why.

Another also, I really want a Dutch oven, ideally a Le Creuset, but I’m flying this year and trying to only fly with a carry on and a backpack. So, no Dutch oven this year. And my Granny always asks for a list of places we would like a gift card for, hence that section.

That’s all! This is kicking off a small Christmas series on here, it’s not huge but I’m planning a Canadian-owned business gift guide, a free or low-cost holiday activities list, holiday movies list, and a no-budget dream Christmas list, but it’s all just for fun. There is so much pressure this season, to spend, to buy, to plan, to travel, to have fun, and I don’t really want to contribute to that!

Happy beginning of the holidays!


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