Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 13

We are back to our regularly scheduled programming, with the Mid-Week Procrastinations, I’m trying to be flexible, when I have more content we do Saturday Scroll, when I have less, we do the Mid-Week Procrastination. This is the first full week I have worked in ages, so let’s say I needed this.

I’ve been wanting to go back to New Orleans since I spent a single day there in 2016, this guide is reinforcing that want.

I am really, really loving Meghan’s podcast, it’s smart, it’s well written, it’s funny, it’s intimate. It’s just wonderful.

The history and the future of birth control.

Preppy girl hair is a hair trend I can get behind.

I’m starting to plan how I’m going to not get depressed this winter, and not all of these tips will work for me because I live somewhere where I have to be at work before the sun is up in the winter, but I’m going to try and implement as many as possible.

“Wanting is the color of my dreams and listless thought”

Holiday budget tips. I need to start planning my travel for the holidays so these are timely.

I’ve been worrying about my work posture, including tech neck.

Dolly Parton may just be one of the best humans on the planet.

I may have to start watching Housewives if Jenna Lyons, Queen of J. Crew, is joining the cast.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do one of my pandemic workout classes in person, but it has been something I think about, will I like them as much in person, will they be good in person?

We may just be getting new Rihanna in the new Black Panther movie.

The article seen all over social media, Shein is worse than you thought (although it does seem to be exactly the level of bad that I thought it was) and I’m very glad I’ve never bought anything from it.

The worst lies diet culture has told us.

I wrote something for our work internal magazine about eco-anxiety earlier this year, and now it seems to be hitting the larger writing sphere.

I like Carly’s post on friendships.

How much should you tell your parents about your dating life?

This is a gorgeous photo series of Nantucket in the fall.

This is hilarious.

Balancing chasing success and happiness.

Reading while hot.

I love Anne Hathaway.

I haven’t watched the first season of Los Espookys, but I’ve been a fan of Greta Titleman’s since 2016 when she had a podcast with two of her besties called LadyLovin‘ (that I’ve missed everyday since they stopped recording), and I’m intrigued by the Kim Petras addition.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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