A Week-ish in Outfits

This week was a roller coaster, a lot of things were really great and a couple things were really not great. I’m also just back to being super tired again. It’s like I wasn’t on vacation three weeks ago.

High: It was a really social week, and a short week with Halloween, which was nice. I have had a lot of 4 day work weeks lately, and as much as they are stressful, I do think I get just as much done in them, if not more, because they always feel more high pressure than 5 day work weeks.

Low: Something happened at work that really made me see red, I don’t think it’s appropriate to go into detail on it publicly on the internet yet. But I have never been so enraged by anything. I’ll get over it, but I’m not over it yet.


What I did: Monday was Thanksgiving here, so I slept in, went for a nice long walk, made sweet potato pie, and went to Friendsgiving.

What I wore: Turtleneck – Talbot’s, Skirt – old – Hill House Home (although the new drop has a plaid mini-skirt, it’s not a kilt style skirt, it’s just a plain mini skirt), Tights – Snag, Loafers – Vionic.


What I did: went to work

What I wore: Sweater – old – Blush (as it was then, then it became Shop B and now it’s closed), Belt – Marks Work Wearhouse, Chinos – old – Joe Fresh.


What I did: Went to work

What I wore: Dress- old – Reitman’s, Tights – Snag

What I did: Went to work, tidied my apartment

What I wore: Harm Reduction Sweatshirt – Prairie Harm Reduction, Jeans – Reitmans, Boots – Doc Marten


What I did: Cleaned my apartment, had friends over for a movie night

What I wore: Sweatshirt – Kiel James Patrick, Sports Bra and Leggings – Joe Fresh, T-shirt – old – Kacey Musgraves Merch


What I did: quick post-party tidy up, was generally lazy

What I wore: Hoodie – old – Joe Fresh, Workout tank – old – Joe Fresh, Leggings – Lululemon.

Have a great week!


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