Friday Favorites: 10/21/22

It’s so funny how much difference a week can make in your mood, or even a day, I was nearly skipping home from the gym. It is great (although I am currently sobbing watching The Princess Diaries), so take from that what you will.

And Happy New Taylor Swift day to all who observe.

Social Media Favorite:

I don’t have one this week.

Movie/TV Favorite: The Princess Diaries

I am watching this right now, and I have decided that it is a truly perfect movie. It’s sweet, heartwarming, funny, joyful, and just absolutely wonderful. Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews are just perfection.

Favorite Podcast: Sounds Like a Cult: The Cult of Taylor Swift

This was a very timely episode (they obviously did it on purpose) with Taylor’s new album coming out on Friday. It was a very interesting discussion of fandom culture and how some Taylor Swift fans project their own life experiences (and in some cases sexuality) onto Taylor and her relationships and how harmful that can be to the fans themselves and to Taylor as well. And I think they are right, I think we saw that when Taylor posted the video explaining the song title “Lavender Haze” and how it was about the way that people project onto her relationship and how it’s not about her being queer and the people who think that she is queer had a complete meltdown about it.

It was very illuminating.

Random Favorite 1: Ballet Fitness Class

This girl in town has started teaching ballet classes to little kids and has added in ballet fitness for adults and I went last night and it was so fun. I haven’t been to a group fitness class in so long, and it was so nice. And I walked in and I knew people, and they weren’t all from work and that was really nice.

Random Favorite 2: Grossy Pelosi’s Vodka Sawce

It’s one of the best pasta recipes ever.

Have a great weekend!


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