Saturday Scroll: 10/14/22

What a week, I think I hate a short week. They are so rushed, I don’t know if a four-day work week would be better or worse than a five-day work week.

This is a heavier one, but why inflation is so persistent.

The best Tom Hanks movies. Which had to be such a hard list to make, because he’s practically perfect in every way.

Why am I crying over the way Tom Felton writes about Emma Watson?

TL;DR, brush your teeth before you wash your face and do your skincare.

Apparently, we all think that everyone is having more sex than they are.

I live for unhinged content like this.

The wonderful style of Meghan Markle.

Fashion is just as much a part of horror movies as the horror.

How to quickly get your apartment together before friends come over.

I love this interview with Lizzo, and I need to watch her TEDTalk now.

Meg Ryan fall.

Does the lack of body diversity at fashion week this year spell doom for accessible plus-size fashion?

How much of sport is just people slowly killing themselves for our entertainment?

Paris in October.

Fall party clothes edit. If only I had something to get dressed up for.

I got a crazy blister on my last hike, and I’m for sure blaming my socks, so this post was timely

I may have included this in last week’s Saturday Scroll, but speaking of unhinged content that I love.

Have a great weekend,



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