Friday Favorites: 10/14/22

Short weeks are the worst. Coming up with five favorite things this week was honestly tough.

Social Media Favorite// Becca Freeman

Becca’s not really an influencer, she doesn’t do ads, but she does have a podcast and works in marketing as a consultant for brands with a focus on like TV spots, social media, etc. But she’s currently in Spain on vacation and like me she did her exchange in Spain and she’s being all nostalgic on Instagram and going to her old haunts and I neeeeeeedddd to go back to Madrid.

Movie/TV Favorite// Veronica Mars

This is one of my ultimate comfort shows. Which I’m not quite sure why because it should definitely trigger me, but I love it. It’s so smart, it’s so angry, maybe that’s why it works. It should be cheesy because it’s so angsty but I just adore it. It makes fun of its self for being campy when the PI stuff gets campy. I love it.

Also the theme song in seasons 1 and 2 just hits.

Podcast Favorite// Sounds Like a Cult: The Cult of Kitchen Culture

This was particularly resonating with me I think because I’ve been reading Kitchen Confidential, but it was really interesting to hear this other perspective about how toxic kitchens can be. It was interesting.

Random Favorite 1// Halloween candy

Enough said. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Random Favorite 2// TikTok

Wednesday was a really, really bad day, and TikTok made me laugh and feel soothed and it was great.

Have a great weekend,


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