What I’m Buying in October

The one thing about writing these posts basically mid-month is that I’ve already bought nearly everything on this list and now I need to stop shopping, especially since I accidentally ordered the wrong item because I’m an idiot who doesn’t pay attention and only noticed after it shipped and now I can’t change it. Anyways:

One. Good Juju Shampoo Bar for Oily / Fine Hair. This is the best working shampoo bar I have used in ages, I have tried Lush, Plenty and Spare, and Unwrapped Life, but this is the first that makes my hair feel really clean and it doesn’t get greasy feeling or looking by 2 pm on wash day. Except, I thought I ordered this, but I clearly wasn’t paying attention and I accidentally ordered:

Two. Good Juju Conditioner Bar for Oily / Fine Hair. and now I’m out of shampoo. I have also been using this conditioner bar and really like it. And I’ve been blow drying my hair nearly every day since July and it doesn’t feel dry or straw-like at all. So I’m not mad that I ordered this, it’s just that I don’t need it right now.

Three. Good Juju Shave Bar. I really liked the Plenty and Spare shave bar, but when I thought I was buying shampoo, I saw this on the Good Juju site and thought I would give it a shot.

Four. Wind River Hiking Boots. I decided I finally needed to give in and buy hiking boots, I’ve rolled my ankle a couple too many times this summer and I am getting too old for that.

Five. Amazon Blue Sweater. I needed a blue sweater to go with a pair of trousers I bought while I was home and I’m hoping this will work.

Six. Amazon Red Bodysuit. Again, I wanted a red, long-sleeve, turtleneck body suit to finish an outfit I bought while I was home. I looked at Aritzia, but I thought I should try and be more frugal and give these Amazon ones a shot. The black one is highly rated by Mary Orton and she has excellent taste.

Seven. Woods Hydration Pack. Again, I got tired of always running out of water while out and this holds a whole 2 litres and allows me to do things like carry a first aid kit, a life straw, my phone, cookies, you know the essentials.

Eight. Hill House Home Araminta Black Watch Tartan Dress. There’s no link for this yet, but Hill House announced their holiday drop will be next Wednesday yesterday and while there’s a couple things I want, I adore this dress.

Nine. First Aid Kit. See #7, I was tired of being a terrible emergency preparedness staffer and wanted to start practicing what I preach.

Ten. Hill House Home Millie Top in White. I think I can only afford to get one item this drop, but I would love to have a lace top like this in my wardrobe for layering.

That’s a few more things than I had initially intended on purchasing this month, so we’ll see if I even end up shopping the holiday drop (but I adore black watch tartan, ugh).

That’s all folks,


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