Saturday Scroll: 10/01/22

What a weird week, I didn’t realize that yesterday was a federal holiday, I would have taken two more days off to take two full weeks off. But given that it was Truth and Reconciliation Day and I work for an Indigenous organization, it felt right to be back at work for it.

I don’t know if I have anything else to say this week, except I’m glad to be getting back into the swing of things and my apartment feels clean again finally. I have come to the conclusion that my cat is the biggest mess-maker in my apartment, not me.

I love this list of gifts for all kinds of people for all kinds of weird occasions.

Why millennial women all have disordered eating.

Fenty Beauty changed the beauty industry forever.

I love when brands pick faces for their campaigns where the celeb in the campaign is truly the perfect representation of the brand, Taylor Momsen’s campaign for this designer punk brand is truly perfect.

Fall is the best season for fashion.

Using “clean” to describe testing negative for STIs, is stigmatizing and unhelpful.

I finally hit pan on my powder blush, I don’t think it suits me anymore, and I’m intrigued by cream blush.

Tom Hanks, star of over 80 movies, thinks that 4 of them are “pretty good”.

I’m always on the hunt for new podcast recommendations.

Not all of these money-saving tips will help me, because I don’t live in a place with ubers or food delivery, but there are some that I am going to implement. Now that I’m not pet sitting, I can’t just “book a job” whenever I overspend.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new workout mat, something that is good for pilates, thick and supportive. But also tough enough to handle sneakers on it during HIIT and strength workouts, I’m intrigued by the new Lululemon workout mat.

I’m not good at being prepared for something bad to happen, nearly ever, but especially on hikes. This emergency kit list is a very good idea.

I really like this essay Grace wrote for her 41st birthday. She also linked to her 31st birthday post, which is cringe and hilarious and I loved it.

The Vogue Editors guide to Paris. If you have a Vogue budget.

I love traveling solo, but I never go out out while solo traveling. I always wait until I’ve met a few people in the hostel or my friends join me, but this list of tips may give me the confidence.

How to invite a disabled friend over.

The coziest fall movies and TV shows.

Emma Watson wrote a foreword to Tom Felton’s upcoming book and the excerpts of it here have me in tears.

Dehumanizing migrants is a problem for everyone.

Ways to support the new parent in your life.

What to do if screentime gives you a migraine.

Cozy fall routine transition guidance.

Do Revenge is on my watch-list for this weekend, and I am so excited to see all the references.

Is she wrong??

Cult Horror movies to watch this October.

When microtrends move faster than your FYP, what is cool?

Have a great weekend!


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