Saturday Scroll: 09/03/22

I have decided to just go with the flow, on everything. Work stuff that is out of my control, my blog schedule, so when the last day of August came on a Wednesday and I knew that is when I would want my August in Review post to go up I just decided to go back to the Saturday Scroll for the week. And here we are and based on the tabs I have open, it will be a doozy.

Coastal grandma fall. (not that I am at all looking forward to fall, normally I love it, but all I can think about is winter and how much I am dreading it).

Taylor Swift will be showing the All Too Well short-film at The Bell Lightbox at TIFF this year!

We have our season 5 & 6 casts for The Crown.

There is no Serena without Venus.

Flight attendants are having it rough.

What is taste anymore?

This response to a “caller” asking if they were undateable is so beautiful it made me cry.

What’s happening in Jackson, Mississippi is insane because it is a state capitol, but it’s only a symptom of a larger problem across North America (yes, Canada included).

“I see my brain as little rooms, and a different room is lit up every time with a disco ball every time I’m doing a different thing.” – I love this quote from this interview with Ghosts author Dolly Alderton.

I’m really starting to think about fall office clothing, mostly because I have not worked in an office in cold weather since March 2019 – I worked from home summer 2019 and then wore scrubs from fall 2019 to winter 2020 and then worked from home until this summer. I have literally never been in an office in the fall, so I’m diving deep into the fall office capsule wardrobe posts and here.

It’s been a relief to realize that other women have the same 3 chin hairs that always come back as I do.

Why is tennis fashion’s favorite sport (I would also say that fashion loves horseback riding but that’s just me). And in Vogue.

This Lena Dunham essay on Marilyn Monroe is stunning.

Okay, stay calm, we have new Taylor Swift coming – STAY CALM.

The Cut is really killing it this week – “She’s nice though”.

Get weight-loss challenges out of the workplace.

Exercising like the people who live the longest in the world.

I’m trying to go home with a carry-on only later this month (I think going home will be fine, but coming back might be more challenging), so it’s a good time to refresh myself on the rules.

What are you naturally good at?

Talk about money before vacationing with friends.

I love that The Parent Trap fashion is back, dressing if you are a Meredith or a Chessy.

You don’t need to look cute to work out.

I have never seen an article about sports bras for my cup size. I’m blown away.

Have a great weekend!


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