August Empties & Expireds

This month is a little different, I went to use one of my favorite lipsticks early on in the month (or maybe in late July), and was appalled by the stench coming from it. And it, not quite burned, but it definitely tingled on my lips when I had it on and it doesn’t normally do that. So that made me go through my lipsticks and get rid of some that I have had since approximately 2016/2017 and are definitely far beyond expired. I don’t know if I fully believe in make up expiration dates, I see them more as best before dates, but allegedly lipsticks expire after a year. And lipstick and eye make up would be places that I would be more cautious about since you can more easily ingest lip products and I’m always nervy about stuff around my eyes.


I am fully back on the probiotic train and have no plans to get off it anytime soon. Do I know if this is the best probiotic? Definitely not. But it is working well for me and I’m just going to stick with it.

This is the holy grail dry shampoo for me. It is so good, and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling like it has dry shampoo in it. I use dry shampoo on my bangs every day to help absorb the oil my forehead produces throughout the day. I have not yet re-purchased this but I will when I finish this Aveda one I’m working through at the moment.

This is the last product from the Necessaire gift set I bought back in May, and I’m still don’t get the hype. None of these products are exceptional. It is the nicest unscented lotion I have ever used, but it’s not so amazing that I’d spend $40-$50 on a bottle of lotion on a regular basis.

This lotion is from the hotel I stayed at Minneapolis. I try not to use the mini products in hotels ever to minimize the amount of tiny plastic bottles I consume, but my skin was so dry that weekend and I did not pack a lotion so I caved and used this. And when I do open one of the hotel minis I make sure to bring it home and use it up, so I’m only creating the plastic waste, not the product waste as well.

The usual contact waste, this is a good reminder that I have not changed my contacts for September, oops.


This is the lipstick that I was assaulted by, I adore this lipstick and basically every make up product I’ve ever tried from Fenty. I will be re-purchasing this, especially as we get back into red lipstick season.

Although I am intrigued by the Cheekbone Beauty red. I’m hoping they will have both in stock at one of the Ottawa Sephora’s and I can compare.

Ironically, this is my least favorite Fenty product. I actually think that it is more of a “I don’t like matte lipstick” thing than a this lipstick. And this is way too dark for my style. I will not be repurchasing.

This was a matte lipstick that I really liked, but again I think it was too dark for me (although that was the trend in 2016/2017). It also took forever to dry down. Bite has gone out of business so I will not be repurchasing.

That’s it!


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