Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 9

In Ontario (and a few other provinces of Canada, but not all), yesterday was a holiday, and I am so thrown off. Tuesday felt so much like a Monday that it was ten o’clock on Tuesday night before I realized that it was Tuesday night and therefore I needed to get this post together. I’m so glad it is a short week though, although I would love some real summer weather. It’s been in the low 20s and raining every day for the past week and is continuing to do so this week and it is a real summer bummer.

I watched this show, Keep Breathing, on Netflix this weekend, and as someone who regularly flies into the Canadian north, it really, really freaked me out. But it was good, and I was really impressed by the main character’s performance.

How to prevent catching monkeypox yourself, and help prevent further community spread.

I recently got my first exercise dress and am obsessed (from Girlfriend Collective), but this swim material one is next level. It can be swum in, then dry, perfect for hot hikes and then a jump in the lake.

I am loving that Natalie Portman is a cool movie star again, I find her education/career so interesting, so I love reading all the interviews she’s doing to promote the new Thor movie.

I’ve followed Jeremy Jacobowitz aka Brunch Boys for years now, but this is hilarious. The Cut, a branch of New York Magazine, got together a bunch of girls that he has met on dating apps to see what they think about him. It seems like this might be a series with male influencers and I am looking forward to it.

I am so glad we are finally hitting the “pretty stuff” phase of Macenna’s Texas cottage renovation. Don’t get me wrong, watching her tear it down and build it back up was cool, but the home décor is my raison d’etre on YouTube.

Speaking of dating apps, apparently it is nearly the 10th anniversary of Tinder, holy cow.

How to not lose your mind in a recession (although it’s hilariously ironic that they have a link in this article to another one called “this recession will ruin Millennials”).


The backlash against and reversal of Instagram on a few of their updates last week was fascinating to watch, but it does raise huge questions about the TikTok v. Meta battle.

That’s all for this week, have a great rest of your week!


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