A Week-ish in Outfits

This week was interesting, we started back doing one of the most hell-ish projects there is. I think it should be better this time around, we’ve done it so many times now, and hopefully this is the last round to exist (although if we end up having to do this for monkeypox too I will have a complete mental breakdown).

High: The rink has started to do these roller skating nights once a week and I finally ordered skates and went this week. It was so fun. I only fell once and overall was just a good time. And it’s on a Wednesday so it’s just a super fun middle of the week thing.

Low: The return of this project, I brain was complete goo by 2pm on Thursday and I was basically useless for the rest of the week. I’m really glad it’s a long weekend in Ontario.


What I did: Went to work

What I wore: Blouse – Reitman’s, Chinos – old – Joe Fresh, Sneakers – Superga

Wednesday (day)//

What I did: work, went to the post office, got coffee

What I wore: Denim Jacket – old – Kut from the Kloth, Tank – old – H&M, Skirt – old – a boutique I can’t remember, Shoes – Superga.

Wednesday (evening)//

What I did: went roller skating

What I wore: White button-down – old – Old Navy, Exercise Dress – Girlfriend Collective, Shoes – Vessi, Skates (not pictured) – Boathouse.


What I did: Went to work

What I wore: Dress – old – Reitman’s, Tights – Snag, Shoes – old – Vionic.


What I did: Read all day, laundry

What I wore: T-Shirt – old – Joe Fresh, Shorts – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: cleaned the apartment, did groceries

What I wore: Dress – Girlfriend Collective

Have a great week!


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