Friday Favorites: 07/22/22

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, I was having a hard time filling them in each week, I just wasn’t watching as much TV, listening to as many podcasts, or maybe it is just that I’m not currently getting all my serotonin from media in the summer.

Social Media Favorite: Matilda Djerf

I think Matilda might be influencer royalty at this point, to the point that there are now TikTok trends about “find the girl who knows who Matilda Djerf is”. I think she may be the most followed Scandinavian influencer (but that’s just my guess, I have done no research). She walks the tightrope between curation and effortlessness so smoothly, like for her the aestheticness and curation of her aesthetic is a natural part of her life. Which as someone who likes everything to be pretty and well done I relate to. It’s not that it doesn’t take effort, it’s that the effort is part of what we like about things.

Movie/TV Favorite: The Great Canadian Baking Show

The 2021 season of The Great Canadian Baking Show is on Netflix, and it’s not as lovely as British Bake-Off, but it is very close. It’s very enjoyable and easy to watch.

If you don’t have Netflix or you aren’t in Canada, you can watch everything on the CBC website.

Podcast Favorite: It’s Me, Tinx : Dating to Marry

I honestly don’t know if I see myself, marrying, even living with someone full time, and I think it takes so much pressure off dating, and so this podcast episode about not dating to marry really felt right.

Random Favorite 1: My new hair

I got a haircut for the first time in about a year, and I’ve gone back to my pre-pandemic haircut with fringe and I’m ecstatic, I feel like myself again. I somehow didn’t take any pictures, but I did make a tiktok lol


It was time for the pre-pandemic hair to return #bangs #fringe #haircut

♬ Betty (Get Money) – Yung Gravy

Random Favorite 2: Lake of the Woods Brewery/Kenora

Thursday was my birthday and I met up with a friend and went to Kenora for the afternoon, Kenora recently had a big fire in the downtown so there isn’t quite as much there as normal, but it is still a cute little town and it’s the homebase for the Lake of the Woods brewery so they have a taproom there. I had a great pizza and a flight of beer and then we walked up and down the street and it was just nice. It was nice to get out of Sioux Lookout

Have a great weekend!


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