Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 7

I don’t need this so much this week (I could have really used it last week when I was too busy to write it). I am taking this week off work, but am not travelling nor going home. I am catching up on some tasks around my apartment, getting my hair cut, and catching up on TV. Boring, definitely, but honestly I need that. Life has been incredibly stimulating lately and I just need to chill, sleep, and not be stressed about anything.

Also, since I missed last week there is A LOT this week, enjoy!

I have a hair cut booked for today and I’m very excited about it because a) I really need a haircut, and b) I think I’m experiencing hair loss and I hate it. Hence why this piece on collagen caught my eye.

I don’t watch/have never watched the Kardashians, nor do I follow any of them on social media. However, they are so ubiquitous in pop culture that it’s impossible to not know anything about them, and this clip of Kim and Pete is definitely relationship goals.

Accessibility and cost of abortion in Canada.

I love this series that Grace Atwood is doing on art with guest posts by artists and gallerists.

Nantucket is in my top 5 goal vacations, and Carly’s Diary Post just cemented it.

The summer of getting outside (dating edition). AKA the apps suck, always have and always will.

Related: Am I too picky on dating apps?

What happens when plastic surgery trends aren’t trendy anymore.

My cat spends more time in my bed than I do (largely a result of getting him when I had roommates), but I do wonder about an animal in my bed sometimes.

Julie Andrews on her career.

If there’s any beach packing list I am going to trust, it will be one from the Queen of Orange County herself, Lauren Conrad.

This overnight baked French toast seems like it would be perfect for an easy, big group breakfast/brunch.

They may not be million-dollar questions, but I would say the two $500,000 questions are should I wear underwear to sleep? and should I wear underwear to workout?

What does the Euro being equal to the USD mean besides the fact that most of the people you follow on social now have cheaper summer trips?

When I was on study abroad in Alcalá de Henares, Spain (a suburb of Madrid), nearly every weekend I didn’t travel I went into Madrid, and on Sundays the Reina Sofia Modern Art Museum was free for students, I used to go and stare at Guernica by Picasso, I even have a tile print of it that has been in my last 6 rental accommodations, but I had no clue it was initially a flop.

DIY product photography with an iPhone.

Of all the fashionable Gen Z’ers, I think Sadie Sink is my favourite.

Drew Barrymore experiencing child-like joy is currently one of my favourite things.

Men should very much care about contraception.

How to get past the gut punch of a bad photo.

More and more women are paying alimony as the result of divorces, this is what you should know.

At the beach on Saturday I reached a point where I was bursting, and I really considered urinating in the lake, I couldn’t do it (and thank goodness there was an outhouse), but how bad is it to pee in a body of water?

Ana de Armas is one of my top choices for Evelyn Hugo in the purported mini-series, this profile is really interesting. In particular, I wish the journalist had probed more on her statement “Cuba is just so free in so many ways”. I really think that so many North Americans and Europeans do Cuba and Cubans a disservice by assuming things about it as being a dictatorship, and I wish that Ana had been asked to explain what she meant about that more.

As mentioned in the intro, I am off work this week with no plans, so this stay-cation post is perfectly timed.

Related: dressing for Europe, without being in Europe.

The northern hemisphere is properly in “too hot to sleep” season, and apparently it impacts women more than men (of course).

Comfort movies.

How to travel like a European.

What can we learn from previous recessions?

Trendy alternatives for those of us not in to the Y2K Trend.

Have a great week!


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