Two-ish Weeks in Outfits

So I have combined the last two weeks into one post since I apparently never finished post for last Tuesday (July 12) and instead this will go up on July 19th and it will have all the outfit pics I took for both weeks. Which I did well at for the first week of July and terribly at for the second.

High: So for the first week in July, on the Saturday night there was a social in town. So Canadians do this thing where they hold a party to fundraise for their wedding (yes, it is incredibly tacky), and in a town like this, that is the only opportunity for a dance. And oh boy, can you tell. It was also the first one since 2019 so it was like the whole town was there and ready to explode. It was great fun, but it was so hot, everyone was dripping sweat.

For week 2, I went to the beach Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and it was glorious. I have never in my life gone to the beach 3 days in a row, I’ve never lived close enough to public beaches to do that. I loved it. I also, while I wasn’t necessarily feeling hugely confident in my swimsuits, I also wasn’t feeling bad about myself. It was just neutral, which was great.

Low: I don’t know if I really have one, just that work seems to have really kicked up to another level since we got back in the office.

Edit: I’ve just realized what happened last week, I had it all done on my laptop, saved the draft, and then opened the app on my phone to add in another picture that was on my phone, and then when I updated the draft all the text went away and I didn’t have the mental capacity to do the whole post again.


What I did: Worked from the office,

What I wore: Blouse – Reitman’s, Chinos – old – Joe Fresh (although the are from this year, so you may be able to find them in store still).

Thoughts: I think this has potential, but it’s too much boxy and shapeless. I think this blouse needs a slimmer pant or to be tucked in.

What I did: Worked from the office

What I wore: Dress – old – Reitman’s (again from this year, so maybe still in stores)

Thoughts: This dress is just on the cusp of being too short for the office, I can’t tell how comfortable I am in it. Although, I do think that the worst part is being stared at when walking to and from the office because no one gets dressed up in this town.

What I did: Worked from the office

What I wore: Button-down – Reitman’s, Pants – A small shop in my hometown (but similar here, and here)

Thoughts: I liked this outfit, I wore these black platform sandals with this outfit, and they broke, so I’m going to try fixing them this week to get the rest of the summer out of them, but they may be done. This was nice and comfy, cool enough to walk in, warm enough not to freeze at my desk in.

What I did: Worked from the office

What I wore: Top – Reitman’s, Knit Pants – old – Anthropologie, Boots – Ariat

Thoughts: I think this was my favorite outfit the whole week. It is a bit too warm for July, but I love the look and this will get repeated. I also need to get these pants hem, they are pretty heavy and stretch a bit throughout the day, and they are big enough that my whole foot can get caught up in them and it’s not very graceful looking.

What I did: Worked from the office, went to the post office, got coffee

What I wore: Dress- Hill House Home (this print is sold out, but there are others available!), Shoes – Superga

Thoughts: I adore, so comfy, so deceptively cute. Love.


What I did: cleaned, did laundry, went for a long walk, went to the social

What I wore 1: Workout Tank – old – Joe Fresh, Leggings – Lululemon

What I wore 2: Dress – Target (I can’t find online anymore), and I think I wore my Birkenstocks with this lol.

Thoughts: I don’t particularly have any thoughts on these, except that I wore the Skims Bandeau bra with the dress and it’s alright I think is my assessment. It keeps everything in place, but I think I prefer separation rather than just compression. Although, it will support your boobs and a mickey/handle of alcohol should you need to smuggle such a thing in anywhere.


What I did: drove to tennis – got cancelled, cleaned, was hungover

What I wore: Please see Saturday 1

I have no thoughts on this.


What I did: Worked from office and home, got the tires swapped on my car, built a Plinko board for work

What I wore: Shirt – old – Joe Fresh, Jeans- Reitman’s

Thoughts: This isn’t bad, the shirt is a bit long for tucking in and I wouldn’t normally wear jeans to the office on a Wednesday, but I also had to make a run to the hardware store and wanted to look capable.

Also Wednesday//

What I did: Picked up the work truck we were driving the next day and played car shuffle in my driveway to park it at my place overnight, figured out what to drop down the aforementioned Plinko board

What I wore: Same shirt – old – Joe Fresh, Shorts – Joe Fresh

Thoughts: This has become one of my favorite summer outfits, I feel really good in it. Also, look at how my hair curled when I had it up while I was building, it never does that when I intend for it to curl.


What I did: Travelled for work to one of the family wellness days one of the communities we serve was holding, hence the slightly camp counsellor look.

What I wore: Shirt – Work, Shorts – Joe Fresh

I have no thoughts on this, it was very appropriate for the day.

Saturday: Beach day

What I wore: Button down – ancient – Old Navy, Bathing Suit – Toluca Swim, Shorts – old – Anthropolgie

Thoughts: I felt a lot more comfortable in this bathing suit than I expected. Although, if I were to buy again I would definitely get the long torso version. Very cute, very comfortable, very booby.

Saturday and Sunday evenings//

What I did: Showered, ate, relaxed, cleaned a bit

What I wore: Jumpsuit – ancient – Old Navy

Thoughts: If I die, bury me in this jumpsuit, I refuse to give it up, even though it is so done.


What I did: Tennis lesson, beach afternoon

What I wore: Button down – ancient – Old Navy, Bathing Suit – Toluca Swim, Shorts – old – Old Navy

Thoughts: An old white button down is the very best beach cover up, and I felt a bit less comfortable in this bathing suit (my beach companions today were people I feel less self-conscious around) it is very high on the hips, to the point you can almost see my scar from my abdominal surgery a few years ago, and I’m not really into showing that off.

PHEW, that was a marathon, this is a very good reminder of why we keep this post weekly.

Have a great week!


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