Mid-Week Procrastination: Vol. 6

I think 6 is right, I need some kind of tracker for these. Also, I can tell it is needed this week, because I really, really procrastinated writing this this week. And for Canadians, it’s the first normal length work week in two weeks. So, if you’re also having a really rough week there’s good mix of light and heavy here and then use this as a permission slip to go buy a nice coffee and go for a walk this afternoon.

Some heavy stuff first, I am actively trying to reduce the amount of US news I consume (and replace it with international and Canadian news), not to the point that I am uninformed, but it’s not my country and I don’t need to know the minutiae of American news to the extent I currently do. That being said:

On abortion: the history of the invention of mifepristone (one part of the “abortion pill”), what can make anti-choice people change their minds about abortion, and the battle to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law.

All the facts on Plan B.

On monkey pox: who can and should get vaccinated for Monkey Pox (please contact your physician if you think you should) and one person’s experience with Monkey Pox.

If you aren’t on the Barbie-movie sneak peeks side of TikTok, I don’t know if we can be friends.

Related: Barbiecore

My grocery store only has whole pineapples (no cored and de-spiked pineapple here), so I’m intrigued by this pineapple “cutting” hack.

Nancy Myer’s house is everything you would expect it to be (also her daughters are named Annie and Hallie?!?!?!).

Millennial Mid-Century is one of the most accurate peggings of the current re-iterations of mid-century modern I have seen yet (also am I the only millennial that is glad that mid-century is waning in the trend cycle).

Related the Millennial Apartment BINGO game, I only have 2 spots on the card *sighs with relief*.

How to up the ante on your Hot Girl Walk/Sad Girl Stroll/Mad Girl Meander, whatever form yours takes.

And on why the Hot Girl Walk is so good.

Alternatives to watching TV every night.

There may be an actual financial cost to imposter syndrome.

The downside of a meet-cute.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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