A Week-ish in Outfits

This week was another weird one, the back to back short weeks caused by Indigenous People’s Day and Canada Day statutory holidays make the last two weeks of June (/the first week of July depending on when the holidays fall), rough. It’s hard to get into a rhythm with work and your personal routines/chores because it’s long weekend, long weekend.

High: Just feeling energetic again. I don’t know if I’ve actually said this on here or just in real life, but I feel like I have come alive again after such a long cold winter and (hopefully) the worst of the pandemic. I feel happy, I feel down to do stuff, to try new things, to make plans and stick to them. It feels good.

Low: Our Canada Day plans just kind of fell apart, it wasn’t warm on Friday and the weather was weird and we all just crumbled into to do lists, family visits, weather-related migraines and we did not make it to the beach or to fireworks (although I live close enough to the beach to watch them from my back window). I still enjoyed my day just chilling at home, but I was looking forward to the beach day.


What I did: Work from home, pet sit, tennis lesson

What I wore: Sweater – Joe Fresh, Jeans – Reitman’s


What I did: Work from home, pet sit

What I wore: t-shirt – old – Joe Fresh, shorts – old – Joe Fresh

What I did: Work from home, pet sit, brought most of my stuff back home from the pet sit

What I wore: Jumpsuit – old (very old) – Old Navy

What I did: Had a migraine, read, tidied apartment

What I wore: Orange shirt (excuse the awkward hand placement I’m covering my work logo), Leggings – Aerie

What I did: brow and lash appointment, groceries,

What I wore: Sweater – Joe Fresh, Shorts – Joe Fresh (I wouldn’t say these are old, they are this season, but they aren’t online anymore), Headband – old – Joe Fresh

What I did: Tennis lesson, cleaned apartment

What I wore: Romper – old – Joe Fresh

I’m back in office this week, so we should see some slightly better outfits this week!

Have a great week!


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