Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 6

Happy Wednesday friends! Once again, we have a short week in Canada this week (Friday is Canada Day and therefore a holiday) which is exciting if really messing up my work flow.

And a note, that if you have read the previous volumes of this series, we are continuing the alternating pattern of lots of content vs. very little.

I’m not really a horoscope girlie, except during cancer season lol, so here are a bunch of horoscopes a few I’ve read so far this cancer season: here, here, and here.

Dumbo was one of my favorite neighborhoods we visited last time I was in New York, and this list has been added to my tentative fall trip planning.

I have literally never seen burrata in my town’s little grocery store, but this salad sounds so good.

A really cool-seeming gender affirming active wear brand.

I never went to a school that did summer reading lists (I’m not convinced they exist outside fiction), but I love the idea of them: Carly’s for example.

I’ve been wondering about doing a backsplash like this in a renter friendly way in my current apartment for months now (I can’t put peel and stick tile up as is, there isn’t tile there, it’s drywall, so it would ruin the drywall when I removed it), and this may have given me enough confidence that it would work to actually give it a shot. Although I think I would do peel and stick tile and maybe Command velcro hangers to make it truly renter friendly, but my brain is whirring away on this now.

How to stop dating the wrong person (I take all dating advice with a grain of salt).

How to properly apply perfume (Tinx also says to put a tiny bit of aquaphor where you are going to spray your perfume to make it last longer, I haven’t tried it yet, but it makes sense to me).

I have somewhat gotten into a routine of morning walks, and while they haven’t been as life-changing for me as this writer, they do feel really good.

American women do not face the pre-Roe era, they face something much more sinister.

I made a joke about buying a visor for the office to block the fluorescent that reflects right into my eyes, but I’m not so sure I was joking anymore when cute ones like this are available.

I don’t know if I will ever be over the Hill House Home offices.


I would love to hear more from Natalie Portman about the mind-fuck that bulking up for Thor: Love and Thunder was “for Black Swan I was asked to get as small as possible… for this I was asked to get as big as possible”. I know there were years in between, but still it has to be weird as a woman to go from constantly thinking about how much space you take up, to being asked to take up more.

Anne Hathaway’s personal favourite Devil Wears Prada costume.

Have a great rest of your week!


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