June in Review

June was such a great month, it was so social, it was a little expensive, but it was so worth it. It was probably the best month since like January 2020, it was great. I travelled (not super far, but did leave the country, went out for dinner, went to a concert, celebrated friends, and just had a great time. I am also really noticing how much happier I am in the summer, it was a really rough winter up here this year, and it’s still not a super warm summer and the mosquitoes are truly terrible, but I am so much happier in the summer.

I got these new curtains in May, I hung them right away, but I didn’t get a good picture until June, I still need to hem them, but I love the pop of color they bring, and that they actually match!

The first weekend in June I went to Minneapolis, for a concert, celebrate a couple friends, and meet up with some Pi Phis, it was so fun. I was barely on my phone the whole weekend, it was so wonderful. I also obviously went to Target and Trader Joes and walked and walked and walked around the city.

I got to take my fancy Nap Dress out on the town for the first time, it is so cute, but I need a different bra to wear it. I tried to wear the Skims bandeau bra, but it rolled down to a belt because you can’t wear it pulled all the way up with this dress. And it looks a lot better on me when I can wear a bra rather than without, although most people I have seen do wear it without.

I went to meet friends at the restaurant in the hotel, I was early so as usual I had my “trip dinner book”, dinner was good, it wasn’t superb, especially for a $100 dinner (oops, I didn’t realize what I was doing until it came through in Canadian dollars in my banking app).

Then I went to the Aly and A.J. concert at The Filmore on Saturday night, it was excellent. Their opener, The Brummies, were also really, really good. Both bands have been on my frequent listen rotations ever since.

The concert felt so good, it felt right, it felt like we were together as one. I recently learned that Maggie Rogers, the singer/songwriter, completed a Masters in Divinity/Theology on the religious nature of live music, and at first I was like “That’s so weird, what??”, but I really get it now.

Always a fan of a good mural

A terrible picture of a bald eagle we saw while walking to dinner one Sunday.

The same Sunday we went to the drive-in to see Top Gun, the one thing about drive-ins in the middle of the summer is it is a late night. I think we got back to our town about 1, 1:30 a.m., not the best for a work night.

Especially when it is a jumpsuit with no elastic on the straps or one you can’t wear a bra with. Then you are either naked or struggling, or both.

The lilacs this year were insane, they bloomed all over town. The whole town smelled like lilacs, it was glorious.

The most perfect day.

I got to travel to Kasabonika Lake First Nation with work, and it was so nice, I have been working with them for over a year now and it was really wonderful to meet people in person.

Approximately 30 seconds before I realized that even though the fence on the backyard of my pet sit is nice and private, they have cameras. And so I learned my lesson to always check my pet sit’s backyards for cameras before taking advantageous of the privacy to tan.

We had an amazing double rainbow to round out Pride Month.

I hit my first 100 day streak on DuoLingo in Spanish, I have been “doing” DuoLingo for years, but I would get a 3-day streak, 5-day streak, and then fall off, this is really cool to me.

And my current needlepoint project, now that we are back in the office, it will be my out of office sign for my desk.

Here’s to hoping that July is as good as June,


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