A Week-ish in Outfits

This was such a weird week, it was supposed to be our first week back in office, but I actually only worked out of the office on Monday, I’ll explain why in each day, but it was such a confusing, fun, exciting, productive, week. The times really do be feeling precedented again.

High: Monday evening was honestly a perfect day. It was so hot, over 100F, about 40C, and then the power went out (I’m blaming the office AC, I was wrapped in a blanket) across the whole town, and so a few of us decided to go to the beach, and then we pulled together a bunch of leftovers to make dinner, and it was just perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect (if you don’t have the same FYP as me, that won’t make sense).

Low: Tuesday was a holiday, but I was leading my first trip north on Tuesday and Wednesday and I was desperately trying to confirm that we had somewhere to sleep and a ride from the airport, so I ended up working the holiday, which may have been for the best since the holiday was National Indigenous People’s Day and I work for Indigenous people, but it was still not a nice way to spend a holiday. And my Sunday tennis lesson got rained out, all first world problems for sure.


What I did: Went to the office for our first official day back, went to the beach, hung out with friends.

What I wore: So there is actually a missing outfit here lol, my beach outfit but that is besides the point.

Day: Dress – old – H&M, Shoes – old – Sol Sana

Evening: Jumpsuit – old – Old Navy


What I did: cleaned my apartment, stressed out about work, went to a Summer Solstice party and did some manifesting

What I wore:

Day: Jumpsuit – old – Old Navy

Evening: Popover – old – Lilly Pulitzer, Jeans – Reitman’s


What I did: Second day of a two day trip in Kasabonika Lake First Nation, got locked out of my apartment, started a new pet sitting job

What I wore: Blouse – Reitman’s, Jean’s – Reitman’s


What I did: Work social most of the work day, pet sat

What I wore: Top – Figs (yes it is a scrub top), Jeans – Reitman’s


What I did: Pet sitting, was lazy

What I wore: Kacey Musgraves concert tee – old, Leggings – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: Pet sitting, laundry, cleaned

What I wore: Hoodie – old – Joe Fresh, Kacey Musgraves Concert Tee – old, Leggings- old – Joe Fresh

And that’s it, not my best work for outfits this week, but the weather was challenging to work with. It was literally 104 degrees on Monday and 48 degrees (both Fahrenheit) on Sunday, like what is that?

Have a great week!


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