What I’m Buying in June

So like I mentioned in my May Financial Fitness Check In, we are tightening the belt in June. Also, to be honest I don’t know if there is really anything else I need at the moment. Except to get my winter tires swapped out, a pair of white pants (I am having a very hard time, I have tried J. Crew, Madewell, Old Navy, Joe Fresh, Anthropolgie, I don’t know where else to look), and a strapless bra. I have also already bought a few things, I went to Minneapolis the first weekend in June and like any good Canadian I hit up Target, Trader Joes, and ULTA (although I didn’t actually buy anything at ULTA).

So unlike in most months, I have already bought basically everything in this graphic.

One. Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra. This bra comes highly recommended by Lindsay Silberman and Caralyn Mirand Koch, people I trust greatly with bra recommendations, although Caralyn also recommends the Elomi Full Figure Strapless Bra and it looks great and very supporting, but I think I need something lower cut and lower in the back for a specific dress, so I’m leaning towards the Wacoal one.

Two. Hill House Home – Laura in Lilac Stripe Linen. The lilac stripe is sold out, but there are other colors available, it hasn’t arrived yet so I don’t know how it will fit but it looks so adorable, and I love a shirt dress.

Three. Hill House Home – Billie in Black. I am super excited for this dress, it also hasn’t arrived yet, but the reviews that I have seen so far say that it runs big through the bust so I am excited for it. I am a bit nervous it will be really short, but we’ll see when it gets here.

Four. Mauve pants – Target. I have been looking for a pair of work trousers to go with a specific blouse and I found them in Target! They are perfect with the top and it’s perfect timing since we are apparently going back into the office on Monday (this has happened before).

Five. Crochet Dress – Target. I had no intention of buying this, but I thought it looked really cute on the hanger and then I tried it on and it really looked good on me. So I bought it. And Allegra Shaw said that everyone should have something crochet this summer.

Six. Linen Blazer – Target. Again, wasn’t intending to buy this, but it’s so cute and comfortable.

Seven. Microfiber hair towel. I got mine at Target because I haven’t seen one anywhere in Canada, online or in person.

Eight. I got some drinks while down in the State, Lover Boy canned cocktails, LimonCello LaCroix, and La Columbe canned coffee, I’m very pleased with myself about it, although I’m worried I’m going to love them and not be able to get them on a regular basis (although that will probably be better for my wallet).

Nine. I also stopped at Trader Joe’s, they are social media famous of course, and we don’t have them in Canada, I got some dark chocolate peanut butter cups (delicious), dark chocolate babka (maybe too sweet for me), a turkey apple cheddar sandwich and an amazingly delicious peach for the road, oat milk, chocolate oat milk. I wished I had a cooler with me to bring home some of the frozen stuff they are famous for, but I didn’t, so I didn’t. An 8-hour drive is too long to not have frozen stuff in a cooler. But seriously, that peach was unbelievable.

Other than those things, that is it for the month of June. We are done. I want to focus on building up my savings, not accumulating any more stuff.

The other thing I’m trying to sort out is my second June pay cheque and my first July pay cheque. Normally, my first pay cheque of the month is my bills/debt/savings/shopping pay cheque and my second one is my rent and student loan pay cheque. However, July is a three pay cheque month and the first one is on July 1. So, I’m trying to figure out if I want to do a credit card payment out of my second June pay cheque or make that my rent pay like normal, or if I want to make my first July pay my rent pay, or if I want to split it? I need to do some math, play with the numbers a bit and figure out what to do.



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