Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 4

Is it just me or is Wednesday the real worst day of the week, like Monday you’re coming off the weekend, Thursday and Friday you’re ramping up to the weekend, but Wednesday is just the bleak mid-winter of the week.

The importance of public and private lives.

Why do bathing suits cost so much?

How to stretch out your hips.

The antidote to the whiteness of cottagecore.

Selected cream blushes.

How to spot the stages of anaphylaxis in the people around you.

Money is emotional.

I want to make these frozen watermelon margaritas this summer.

I go out to eat a lot on my own, particularly when travelling, and I always take a book, so the concept of a “going out book” is right up my alley.

Digital Detox Girl Summer.

If you haven’t heard Chris Evans tell this reporter to “Be honest, be honest”, girl you need to.

There’s something about glamorous restaurants.

7 small space entertaining tips.

How to remove a tick, and what to do if you accidentally behead it when you remove it.

I love the normalization of solo travel that has been happening over the past year and a bit. I think it’s partly pandemic, people had such different risk tolerances and large groups were impossible (and unsafe), so I think people were just desperate to experience different scenery but maybe didn’t have anyone to do it with, and I love that.

New England Summers seem pretty similar to Ontario summers (I’ve never actually been to New England), and this packing list seems like it would be a great capsule wardrobe.

Can you imagine blaming a successful series of commercials for a nation-wide tampon shortage. What a world.

JHud became the 17th person ever to EGOT. Literal legend status.

That’s all for this week, although I think I may have to cave and get a WaPo subscription, there were like four stories this week I thought were interesting that were behind their paywall. I also love their TikTok (@WeAreANewspaper), they have the best TikTok of all the major news outlets.


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