A Week-ish in Outfits

So we had exactly one week of complete documentation before I dropped the ball again, it’s okay though, I only missed Saturday and all did was clean, clean, clean and I don’t remember it at all, so it clearly wasn’t great.

High: I was honestly riding a high all week thanks to the concert, so in a way it was also this week’s high. Although we did get vouchers from work to hit up the ice cream truck on Friday, and I went to the drive-in with friends on Sunday so those were both also great.

Low: Honestly, it was a really good week, other than feeling really bloated thanks to the excess consumption of American food and alcohol last weekend and not getting up for my morning walks.


What I did: Got organized after the weekend, worked from home,

What I wore: I just wanted to be comfy and it was kind of cool so: Matching Set – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: Work from home

What I wore: Jumpsuit – old – Old Navy (I should cut this into rags, but I can’t bring myself to, I just love it so much), Button down – old – Old Navy


What I did: Work from home, was tired

What I wore: Hoodie – old – Joe Fresh, Tank – Joe Fresh, Leggings – Aerie

What I did: Work from home, had a friend over to try and fix a window who’s crank broke and wouldn’t wind back in – made a mess

What I wore: T-shirt – American Eagle (currently on sale!), Shorts – old – Anthropologie


What I did: Work from home in the morning, go into the office in the afternoon to set my desk up for Monday (because we are officially back in office)

What I wore: Aly and AJ Concert Tee (not online, now that their tour has wrapped I bet it will be soon), Blouse – Reitman’s, Jeans – Reitmans, Shoes (not pictured) – Superga


What I did: Hung out with friends, ate pizza, went to the drive-in

What I wore: T-shirt – old – American Eagle, Jeans – American Eagle (don’t be alarmed by the name, it’s like an 8″ rise which if you were also a youth in the 2000s you will know is not actually low-rise lol), Birkenstocks.

Have a wonderful week!


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