Friday Favorites: 06/16/2022

Phew, I am hosting tomorrow night and I have just sat down at 11pm to write this post after cooking evening. I can’t believe that I thought that I might be able to pull it together in two hours after work tomorrow. I was delusional, I am so glad I decided to prep tonight, it would have never happened tomorrow.

I worked in the office/travelled all week and I knew it would change my routine, but there is so much that I had forgotten about. You have so much less time when you go to the office. To be fair, on the two days this week that I travelled I was out of the house by 7am and didn’t come back until 6ish, which isn’t a normal work day, so that probably contributed to my “less time” feeling, but overall it was kind of nice. I don’t know who these managers are that think that we are more productive in the office though, maybe it’s just cause it’s the first week back, but we have spent upwards of an hour chatting. I don’t do that when I work from home. Although my screen time is wayyyy down this week. Fascinating.

Social media favorite: @JeremyJacobowitz

It occurred to me just now that I don’t often feature men in this section. I don’t really follow any male influencers, I’m not most of their target audiences. But Jeremy started his social media as Brunch Boys and he was a producer with Bobby Flay and on the Food Network and the quality of his content is just stellar. And I went to Alo in Toronto pre-pandemic on his recommendation and it was soooo good. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. His video content is really where he excels, he is a natural for the way social media is progressing to an all video format.

Movie/TV favorite: Supernatural

The only thing I’ve been watching this week is Supernatural, I’m mid-way through Season 2 and the boys are about to discover that angels are real. I can’t wait for Castiel to make his appearance.

Podcast favorite: You’re Wrong About: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

If there is one thing this podcast does well it is exactly what it sets out to do, take a story that you think you know, one that is embedded in the culture of storytelling we have, and prove just how wrong we as a society have it. I also think that Sarah is really starting to get the groove of the podcast without Michael. A really enjoyable episode and it was cool to listen to a story that we are wrong about that isn’t set in the United States.

Random favorite 1: My Nespresso

Between going to the office this week and travelling, I haven’t had time for my usual two-cup French Press every morning, so I have been using my Nespresso every morning, it is a lifesaver.

Random favorite 2: Berry Cheesecake Smoothie

This is an Epicure recipe, which means it includes ingredients from their MLM line, but it is so delicious. And I skip the vanilla and their Summer Berry stuff, so I don’t even have to buy their stuff. It’s so good, I’ve been having it every morning for the past few weeks. It also travels really well.

Have a great weekend!


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