Friday Favorites: 06/09/22

It is crazy how much better I feel after a solid weekend out last weekend and good weather this week. I feel more alive than I have felt since basically before the pandemic started. I feel so happy for the first time in ages, I don’t know, there was something about the human connection of a concert. Everyone dancing and singing to the same music, everyone happy and having a good time. Until last Saturday I was really questioning why Maggie Rogers did a Masters in Divinity/Theology based on her experiences performing live music, but I get it now. There is something divine about that kind of human energy.

Social Media Favorite: Caroline Angelica Winkler

She has introduced herself as both names, apparently she used one with her family, what she grew up using, but as she grew up she saw how common Caroline was and started going by Angelica in college and now uses both names kind of interchangeably. But she has an interior design/DIY YouTube and it is one of the best I have ever experienced. She has such a traditional sense of style, which isn’t that common on YouTube, and that would be my preferred interior design style. She’s also just really fun, she doesn’t take any of it too seriously and it’s just always a good time on her channel.

Movie/TV Favorite: Supernatural

Yeah, yeah old news I know, but I just started re-watching it and it is so good. Last time I dropped out around season 13 I think, it feels off to say that it got too weird, because it is a very weird show from the jump, but it got too weird, too farfetched for me and I stopped. So we’ll see how far I get this time. I’m also watching it on Amazon Prime and I cancelled my Amazon Prime yesterday (I still have access until the 19th), so I don’t think I’ll get that far in it before it expires.

Also, I never noticed before how much the guy playing the young dad looks like Jensen Ackles’ character Dean. It’s insane.

Podcast Favorite: Maintenance Phase: Calorie Menu Labelling

This episode was a response to the UK bringing in calories on menus, but Canada has had this for a few years. Honestly, I mostly tune it out/ I haven’t been eating in chain restaurants that much between the pandemic and moving to a small northern town with only a Tim Hortons and a Subway (neither of which I particularly enjoy). But this was a really interesting extension of the previous week’s episode on the fallacy of calories (did you know that the 2000 Calories a day is just an arbitrary number, based off self-reported data which is widely assumed to be under-reported, and then they just picked an in-the-middle number to balance “women’s tendency to undereat and men’s tendency to overeat”??? wtf??). Both episodes are well worth a listen.

Random Favorite 1: Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

These are so addictive, I should not have eaten such a big container so quickly, but they were so good. It’s probably a good thing that we don’t have any Trader Joe’s in Canada because these would definitely be my new obsession food if I could get them here.

I think it is the peanut butter in them, it is so sweet and creamy, and just beyond delicious. I was really torn between these and the almond butter ones, and if the almond butter ones are anything like these, they would somehow be even better. If you live in the USA near a Trader Joe’s, and haven’t tried these, and you don’t have a nut allergy, you need to.

Random Favorite 2: The Brummies

These guys opened for Aly and AJ last weekend (all tour, but I saw them last weekend) and they were so good. They had great energy, the music was good, all around good. They were a really fun opener. It was great, I’ve been listening to some of their music this week and it’s also good recorded (you know some bands just sound better live, they do, but they’re still good digitally), I’m really enjoying them. After Midnight is a particular favorite.

Have a great weekend!


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