May Empties

I’ve been on a bit more of a buying moment lately than a use up moment, and I have been using what I buy so I have no guilt about it, but I need to put a freeze on the buying and really lean back into the Project Pan and get some stuff used up. Although, I will need to buy a new shampoo, conditioner, and shave soap bar likely in the next month to six weeks, but I do want to make sure that I am buying a low waste option for those, rather than running out and buying a plastic packaged shampoo and conditioner like I did in December. So, I’m going to go back on a buying freeze of beauty and personal care products unless I use something up.

Monday Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner. I ran out of shampoo and conditioner in December and was not prepared with a back up shampoo and conditioner bar so I had to get something that was available in town and I decided to see if all the ads that I saw for this haircare brand. It was alright, honestly I don’t know if there is anything special about any shampoo? Conditioners maybe, but shampoo is like soap/body wash, it kind of all does the same thing, as long as it cleans. So since I don’t really notice any differences at all between various hair cleaners, I’m going back to my Plenty and Spare shampoo and conditioner bars.

My usual contact lens supplies.

My holy grail, all-time favorite face moisturizer. I use this year round, it is superb. I also use it on my eczema patches anywhere I get them when I have a flare up.

This stuff is really good, it’s a great exfoliator. I used it a couple times a week. I haven’t repurchased yet but I will. I’m debating adding in a retinol to my routine as well and am waiting until I make that decision to re-buy this to reduce the amount of packaging I consume. And I prefer a little less exfoliation in the summer, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I feel like exfoliated skin is more sensitive to the sun and that is the last thing I need.

I ran through a bunch of dental hygiene stuff this month. I am now in need of getting more floss, but I want to get some refills of the Floss Pot silk floss (although that link is the vegan version). It’s compostable, comes in a cardboard box, and compostable plant plastic, and I already have the glass jar with a metal lid that you use to dispense and cut it.

This isn’t an empty obviously, but I never take baths and this was a gift so I’m going to put it out with our town’s Curbside Swap this Saturday.

Ilia Blue Light Protecting Setting Spray. I don’t know if this did anything at all, I was very oily when I used it. And I don’t even know if blue light is bad for you or your skin?

This lip balm is decent, I liked the packaging, fully recyclable, and it lasted well over a year. It definitely doesn’t really heal cracked or chapped lips, it’s better at preventing lips from drying out rather than healing cracked lips. It was decent but I don’t know where to buy it again because I got it at an art gallery/craft shop in Arnprior, Ontario.

Probiotic packaging, I’ve now gone through two packs of 120, so I think when I finish this blister pack I am going to take a month break and see if they actually do make a difference. Because right now I’m really not sure.

Farmacy Green Clean. Another one of my very favorite products, nothing takes make up off like it.

I used some of my Sephora points to get this sample set, I’m going to keep the box for gift packaging I think. I haven’t finished any of the products yet, but I am glad that I got the sample sizes and not the full sizes, because I have been wanting to see what the hype was about but I think the scent is way too strong for me. Nice, but way to much for me.


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