Mid-Week Procrastination vol. 3

We have a much better week of content this week, perfect for my first full week of work in two weeks.

It also is worth noting that I wrote this while listening to the now 20 year old debut album from Avril Lavigne, so no, I can’t chill out, and yes, that is what I’m yelling for. But relax, it’s all been done before. Except this elote/everything but the bagel Greek yogurt dip I’m eating from Trader Joes, holy crap, this stuff is good.

Love this London guide from Carly, I would really like to go see my cousins in England soon, with a stop in London.

Even Megan Fox thinks that low-rise jeans should stay dead forever and ever.

The fallout from this past Winter Olympics continues, the IOC is raising the minimum age for competition for figure skating to 17, and good!

Managing boob sweat.

What are the health benefits of universal basic income?

IDK why but Cassie and Maddie of Euphoria winning the MTV Award for Best Fight is the funniest thing to me, and I haven’t even watched the show.

Speaking of the MTV Awards, I enjoy this red carpet because it is so lighthearted and fun, people don’t take themselves too seriously on it, also Christopher Jamal Evans was out in full force.

Canadian summer sun safety.

If you are the only one in a crowd wearing a mask, is it doing any good?

Ranking 5 of the best budgeting apps.

I’ve been really considering the Hatch for Sleep Alarm, but I’m on a pause from buying anything that plugs in for a bit.

We are all a hot mess.

What do we keep?

The ubiquitous and iconic Polo.

Maybe you should stop taking your friends’ dating advice.

Date night outfit ideas I actually like.

It’s Avril Lavigne’s Let Go‘s 20th anniversary and reading this article with quotes from her back then make me think that maybe 17-year old Avril really did have it figured out in the way 9-year old me thought she did. She was also team Free Britney before we even knew we needed to be. So wise.

Lessons from a girl biking from Mexico to Argentina. Just cause, so cool.

How to take things less personally, from a therapist.

I think it’s interesting to read SJP’s perspective about the Kim Cattrall thing, especially the line about “she made it clear, publicly and privately, that she did not want to be involved anymore”, a paraphrase, and “so we didn’t ask her to be involved in the reboot. We were listening to her.” We talk so much about wanting to be listened to, to be heard, and from SJP’s perspective that’s what they did and that ended up getting her just as much flack as not listening to her would have. Interesting.

It’s time to have fun with getting dressed again.

A summer mood board.

Did you know that summer is the second most expensive season after the winter holidays? I did not, so here are some summer finance tips.

And on a couple more serious notes:

Some answers to some big questions about the new gun legislation in Canada and what the current situation is.

How bad could the food shortages get, and no it’s not your President’s or Prime Minister’s fault. This is bigger than any single nation, any single drought or flood, or any single war.

Talk to you tomorrow, I’m off to find my Let Go CD to scream sing in the car to.



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