Friday Favorites: Time Off and New Curtains

I am taking today off from work! I’m driving down to Minneapolis (about 8 hours) for a concert on Saturday night! I am so excited, I’m going to wear cute clothes, wander around a city, use my passport!! I know I was literally just in a city but this weekend feels like a real trip, not just running errands in a new city. AND a concert?!?!?! I’m psyched.

Social Media Favorites: @nurse.johnn on TikTok

Listen this man is the most creative one trick pony I have ever seen. He never fails to actually make me laugh out loud and all he does is make pussy jokes. As in vulva, not cat. They are class. I don’t know how he manages to use the same song in so many different ways.


Sarah itching be gone, cooch be clean and fresh. Next time I would highly suggest not trying the mayonnaise and vinegar mixture google lied to you darling. You’re creating a whole new variant of yeast with that. #nurse #nursesoftiktok #nurselife #nurses #nursing #nursehumor #nursingstudent #nursingschool #nursetiktok #nurseproblems #medicalhumor #medicaltiktok #hospitallife #hospitaltiktoks #healthcareworker #healthcarehumor #cna #cnalife #cnahumor #travelnurse #ernurse #fyp #fypシ #foryou

♬ Until I Found You pon mi remix – Ranvision Official

You are fortunate Amanda for thy 🐈 have avert from catching thy STI you shall continue practicing safe love making. Behold we shall meet again on your next Rendezvous. Keep the 🐱 purr-ing. #nurse #nursesoftiktok #nurselife #nurses #nursehumor #nursing #nursingstudent #nursingschool #nursetiktok #nurseproblems #medicalhumor #medicaltiktok #hospitallife #hospitaltiktoks #healthcareworker #healthcarehumor #cna #travelnurse #ernurse #cnalife #fyp #fypシ #foryou

♬ Until I Found You pon mi remix – Ranvision Official

I mean come on.

Movie/TV Favorites: Hardy Boys (on the StackTV extension of Amazon Prime in Canada)

This is literally a kids’ show, it’s on YTV in Ontario, aka YouthTV. But it’s really good, it’s really well produced. This season may be taking the magic a bit too far, I’m not sure about this trend, the Nancy Drew reboot, the Riverdale show, this show, they are all taking stories that don’t have any magic in them and add a weird amount of magic, mysticism, and cult-y stuff and I don’t know if they need them to tell a good story. I mean look at Riverdale, only season 1 was good, but somehow it didn’t get cancelled until season 7. But I do really like it. It’s a fun, light watch.

Podcast Favorite: Ageless: Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

I really love this podcast, I wasn’t expecting to like something from a former Bachelor contestant so much, but it’s really thoughtful and I love the dynamic the hosts have. They are mother and daughter (Cynthia Rowley, as in the Cynthia Rowley, famous fashion designer), and Kit Keenan, her eldest daughter, and I guess you would call her a socialite/influencer. In the pre-Instagram world she would have been a socialite, a real-life Blair Waldorf, if you will.

This episode was their first back after a while and they talked about graduation, doing things that scare you, and taking creative risks and I loved it. I think podcasts are a medium for these conversations that we can’t have in short form on social media, you can really get into the nuance of “don’t care what people think”, because there are some people in your life who’s feedback you should take, and they really get into that this episode. I also like the generational differences in thinking that occurs here. Overall, a great listen.

Random Favorite 1: My new curtains

I got these at Ikea when I was in Winnipeg and I did not think I was going to like them, or not so much that I didn’t think I was going to like them, but that I really wasn’t sure that they would work in my living room. But I was so tired of not having matching curtains so even though I had always pictured neutral curtains, I gave them a shot. And I love them. Obsessed. I love that they aren’t black out, I love the pop of colour on the beige walls I can’t paint and behind the white couch with all my neutral rattan furniture and pale floors. They are too long and I need to get some of that iron on hemming stuff and hem them.

Random Favorite 2: Super Goop Glow Screen

I have never gotten so many compliments on my skin. After nearly every Zoom call with cameras on I get a Teams message with OMG you’re glowing. It’s insane. And it is 100% this stuff. It is a bit much when you first put it on, but it dries down really nicely. And on days when I don’t want as much glow I mix it with their Unseen Sunscreen, but I don’t like the feel of that one on my skin as much. It really seems to sit on your skin and not absorb at all. Which is probably really good for protection, but I don’t like the feeling.

Have a great weekend, talk to you Monday!

Also, I put my Instagram on private temporarily, not because I’m trying to be exclusive or gatekeepy, it just seemed like the right move for the moment.


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