May in Review

May was a month that life felt normal again in. It also felt like it went so quickly but I also cannot believe that this stuff that happened at the beginning of the month was only this month. It feels like it should have been months ago, not 3 weeks ago. Time might be the weirdest thing that humans have cooked up.

On May 2, I was sent up to Sachigo Lake to help set up the emergency response plan for their COVID-19 outbreak, it ended up being a much more complicated situation than I was prepared for, and even though they are still having many of the issues that made their outbreak so severe, I think we were able to help with some of the most dire circumstances. The other issues will require longer term solutions that are beyond me and the organization I work for.

Part of the team that responded in Sachigo, it was a really good team.

I got all these containers to organize the bathroom and I of course washed them and the light just looked so pretty.

Are you really cleaning out your make up drawer if you don’t have a million swatches on your hand.

We accomplished some big projects, we sent 4000 fire extinguishers up to a bunch of the communities, and we were able to get a shipment of baby formula, milk, diapers, and wipes up to Sachigo.

The best burgers I have ever made, I bought some ground lamb from the farmer I take my compost to, mixed it up with a random selection of herbs and spices and grilled it with some smoked gouda and I have no idea what I did, but they were so amazing.

The water is so unbelievably high, normally there’s 8-12 feet of beach before you hit water.

I’m going to do a full Winnipeg recap soon, but I had such a restorative time in the city.

As part of my Winnipeg trip I went to Steinbach to find my parents’ first farm, where I was born, and this is it. 27 years after we moved away so it’s obviously not the same, there’s a big subdivision on part of the land that they used to farm, but it was still interesting to see. We lived so close to town, we never lived close to town growing up. But it was minutes to the main part of town, to a Starbucks. It’s kind of crazy to think about the life you could have had, if different decisions had been made at every intersection.

I got new curtains while I was in Winnipeg and I was really unsure of them, but I love the pop of colour. I barely use the ties, it’s very annoying every morning since I don’t have hooks or anything to attach them to, but I love the colour.

I have several screenshots of fashion inspo in my camera roll including this Meredith Blake-inspired look from Meghan.

IDK it just spoke to me.

I finally finished this canvas after months of stitching and waiting to get more thread, and being indecisive about colours. Now, I just have to find a finisher.

I finally am trying Hello Fresh, I’ll also be doing a full post here, but so far it’s not bad.

I had a very successful day of morning games.

I finally finished this bag patch, I love the way it turned out, there will also be a full post about the process here!

Here’s to a great June!


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