Friday Favorites: just girly things

Honestly, I don’t really think I have anything to say, or at least anything to articulate yet. I feel like my head is buzzing with so much at the moment, but I’m either not ready to put it out on the internet yet or it’s not a fully formed thought yet. Maybe some day I’ll do a post that is just my brain dump all the incomplete tasks, existential crises, worries, and hopes that constantly buzz around in my brain, but that’s not for today.

Also the alternate title for this one was Harry Styles, being a girl, and murder mysteries, but just girly things seemed to sum it up well.

Social Media Favorite: Dylan Mulvaney on TikTok

Dylan is one of those people who’s whole soul leaps out of their social media. Dylan has recently transitioned to female and she is documenting her journey of being a girl every day and they range from the joyful to the reflective but every video is such a positive space. The comments section is like the women’s washroom in a bar. She doesn’t have a period, but she carries tampons, pads, and liners for the other girls, she talks about how her body image is changing as she starts to compare herself to female models and influencers, she talks about clothes, is having fun with make up. It is honestly so wonderful. I’m sure she probably gets a ton of hate, but you would never know it from the videos (I do really hope that they stay on the right side of TikTok). Dylan is an international treasure and should be protected as such.

Movie/TV Favorite: Harrow

Basically the only thing I’ve been watching on TV lately is Harrow, I just finished season 2, and this is a procedural/thriller that I cannot predict where it is going to go, almost ever. It is occasionally predicable, but most of the time I am so surprised by where it goes. Maybe Australia has different tropes lol.

Podcast Favorite: Maintenance Phase: The Trouble with Calories

This is a podcast that never fails to blow my mind in the most edifying way possible.

Random Favorite 1: Harry’s House

Listen, like every other Canadian Harry Styles fan I am furious about the tour. But I can’t stop listening to this album. It is so good. Music for a Sushi Restaurant really weirded me out at first, but it is such a bop.

Although “wet dream just dangling” makes me want to vomit every time I hear that lyric.

Random Favorite 2: Summer Friday’s Lip Butter Balm in Vanilla

I got this last Saturday in Winnipeg, I’ve been thinking about trying it for months. And no, you absolutely do not need to spend $30 (OMG I didn’t look at the price when I bought it) on a lip balm. But this is really, really nice. It smells amazing, and the shape of the applicator is so nice. It’s like any other tube lip gloss with that plastic spreader thing, but it has a curve in it, so it really fits the shape of your lip, but it’s a hard plastic so it’s not like it’s molding your lip because it can’t move, but it perfectly fits your lip. It’s really nice.

Also, just a reminder, there won’t be a post tomorrow as I’m reducing down to 5 posts a week, if you are missing the Saturday Scroll, you can read Wednesday’s Mid-Week Procrastination here!

Have a great weekend!


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