Summer ’22 Bucket List

With Victoria Day weekend, May Long, May 2-4 whatever you want to call it, summer in Canada has officially begun, even if it is still cool and wet and this whole summer is predicted to be (good for wildfire reduction, not so great for summer fun). So it’s time to think about all the things we want to do this summer, I think I saw a TikTok, or maybe it was in a YouTube video, but the creator was someone from the Northeast of the USA who had moved to Southern California who talked about how there is a sense of urgency and so much stress about summer in the north that doesn’t exist other places because it’s always warm and pleasant outside and you can always go to the beach or the lake, or go for walks outside, and we can’t do that all the time, so there is so much pressure to make every summer the best and most important. You can see it in Summer House the show, the pressure they put on each weekend, Kyle screaming at Amanda in season 3 “Summer should be fun!”. So I want to make it a low pressure summer, but still want to take advantage of the nice weather while it’s here. Especially, if I do end up spending another winter up here.

I’m not entirely sure what all to put in this list, I’m feeling a bit at a crossroads at the moment. Like I’m in limbo, I’m waiting for news on some things that will change everything, and I feel like planning things feels a bit futile knowing that I might have to change all of them.

I’m also not planning on taking a summer vacation as my grandparents are coming over from Ireland and I’ll go back home for at least a week of their visit and I may plan to go to New York from Ottawa or Toronto as it will be much cheaper than from Thunder Bay or Winnipeg (I imagine, I haven’t actually looked into it yet). I’ve also given up on getting Harry Styles tickets, they are absolutely insanely priced, in both New York and Toronto, plus the travel, and the fact that Canada is only getting 2 nights just make it insane to try and get a ticket. I would rather save my money for whenever Taylor Swift’s next tour will be.

Hiking – there are so many great trails around here, multiple provincial parks, and Sioux Mountain which is the most locally famous hike. Hiking is the reason why so many people move up here (and fishing and hunting).

Camping – I’m not really a camper, I didn’t grow up camping, I don’t have any of the gear for it, but like hiking, it is so much a part of the culture up here that I feel like I could experience real deep woods camping pretty easily up here.

Drive-in Movie Theatre – the only movie theatre nearby is a drive-in and it opened last weekend. In a couple weeks they are getting the new Top Gun movie, and I think that seems like the ultimate drive-in movie.

Return to travel and concerts – trip to Minneapolis – next weekend I am going to Minneapolis to see Aly and AJ, I’m super excited about it. I haven’t been to a show since November 2019 and I haven’t left the country since January 2020. I’m also excited for all the stuff that comes with going to the States, Target, ULTA, Trader Joes, J. Crew, Madewell store. The exchange rate isn’t great at the moment but I’m still thrilled.

Developing an active lifestyle that is comfortable, enjoyable, and sustainable. This is something I really want to prioritize this quarter, I want to figure out a way to make movement something I like, something that I do all the time, and not something that I feel like I have to do. And hopefully, not something that requires classes that aren’t available everywhere. Because I know I love classes, I love spin classes, pilates, yoga, and barre classes, but I don’t have access to them, and I need to figure out a way to make movement happen without access to classes.

Reading – I really stocked up on books while I was in Winnipeg and now I cannot wait read them.

Needlepointing – I also stocked up on threads for 3 or 4 canvases, some of them quite large that will take a fair bit of time to stitch so I have a decent stitch stash to work through this summer.

Finish paying off my credit card – By my current estimate I will have my credit card paid off in July, provided I don’t go overboard with the Hill House Home drop on June 1 or in Minneapolis.

Switch to – I’m worried that this will be more of a process than I am prepared for, so I’m giving myself the whole quarter to work it out.

What are you planning this summer?


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