Mid-Week Procrastination: Vol. 1

This isn’t really volume one of Mid-Week Procrastination, but a) I am too lazy to go back to a year ago and figure out what volume this would actually be (especially since my blog doesn’t have a search function, which annoys me to no end), and b) we are starting fresh. It’s finally warm, we are restarting, we are spring cleaning, we are using the royal we.

If you haven’t been here since the beginning, I used to do this post every Wednesday, it’s a classic link round-up, playlist share, and YouTube video share to help us get through the mid-week slump. If you’re in Canada you are coming off a long-weekend, and if you’re in the USA you are heading into one, so this may not be the week where a large amount of procrastination is required if you are in either of those places, but it may also be exactly the week for it!

I love this essay about love affairs.

This is very interesting, I work with harm reduction approaches to drug and alcohol use all the time, but applying them to eating disorder and disordered eating recovery is intriguing. I’m going to come back to this again.

AOC’s relationship is so cute, you see it sometimes on her personal Instagram, and they got engaged, I don’t know why but I’m so happy for her!

Cannes Film Festival is, in my opinion, the best red carpet. It is classic Hollywood glamour at it’s best, see Elle Fanning here, Anne Hathaway here, and all the other great looks here.

I cannot wait for this cast to be released from the clutches of this show, Riverdale is finally ending.

How to store alcohol without a bar cart.

Caroline has become far and away my favorite YouTuber.

Jack Harlow may now own Glamorous, but Gossip Girl did it first (and perhaps better?)

How to keep your summer, coastal grandmother, whites white.

Yumi Nu on being on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue.

Speaking of coastal grandmother, my Amazon cart is now brimming.

How to stay focused as the weather heats up.

Not eating anything you can’t pronounce is not the hard-and-fast rule of healthy eating you may think it is.

Re: cluttercore

The little things.

Fashion school: how to pronounce hard to say fashion house names.

I cleaned nearly all of my kitchen last weekend, except the fridge, but I now have some motivation.

This is a pretty decent guide to Belfast, for a higher end trip, my only addition would be Made in Belfast for lunch or dinner, and that you have to head up the north coast road to the Giant’s Causeway.

I’m looking for a raffia bag for summer, and I’m wondering about this one, but I’m really looking for something that would fit a water bottle, wallet, sunglass case, reusable bag, sunscreen, lip stuff, hand sanitizer, pocket knife (I keep a knife in my bag not for defense but utility, once a farm girl always a farm girl, and a book), and I don’t know if this bag will do all that.

I’m considering doing another “No-Buy”, or “spending freeze” to start on June 6, I might get into the why more later, but I just kind of want that reset basically.

As I mentioned on Monday, I’m planning on going down from 5 posts to 6 and move this post from Saturday (see Saturday Scroll) to Wednesday, as seen here, but if you have any opinions on that shift please let me know!


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