A Week-ish in Outfits

This might be my most egregious use of the word week yet, I only remembered to take OOTDs on Monday and the weekend. I don’t even know what happened Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I can barely remember what I did those days. I know I worked, but other than that this week was madness.

High: I went to Winnipeg for the weekend, and I feel whole again. I didn’t get everything done or find everything that was on my shopping list, but it was a wonderful weekend nonetheless.

Low: I’m just really tired, this past weekend really helped me, but I just really struggled to accomplish anything last week.


I initially got dressed in this, I thought I was going to have a nice easy work from home day, but then I got a call from my manager that a virtual meeting was going to be an in person meeting and I had to go in and set up the fire extinguisher simulator that we had rented the week before, and then the presenters ended up presenting virtually anyways (and the afternoon people didn’t even show up).

What I wore: Matching set – old – Joe Fresh

So this is what I changed into to go and set up the fire extinguisher simulator and then I went to the post office to track down a package that they said I had picked up, and I definitely had not picked it up yet.

What I wore: Blouse – old – Talbots, Jeans – Reitmans (I cannot tell if these are the right kind of baggy or just too big? I’ve worn them too many times to return or exchange them, but I couldn’t tell then and I can’t tell now).


What I did: Work from home, Drive to Winnipeg

What I wore: Shirt- old – Old Navy, Sports bra- old – Joe Fresh, Leggings – Lululemon (I was going for the big shirt over bra thing that skinny girls do, but I don’t think it’s for me), Slippers – L.L. Bean

What I did: Explored Winnipeg, went to a spin class (not in this), went to a needlepoint store, went to the mall (and had a very hard time), ate tacos, and went to the movies. It was perfect.

What I wore: V-neck sweater – Reitmans, Jeans – Reitmans, Shoes – Superga, Bag – old – street vendor in Cordoba (I kind of hate how that sounds lol)

What I did: Explored Winnipeg a bit more, drove out to Steinbach and found my parents’ first farm in North America, drove home.

What I wore: Dress – old (already apparently) – Reitmans, Tights – Snag (I’m very impressed with these, I had a broken nail and no way to smooth it until I got home and it kept catching on them and they didn’t pull or run at all!), Shoes – Superga

That’s it!

Have a great week!


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