City Shopping List

When you live somewhere like where I live you do a lot of online shopping, but you also keep a running list going of things that you have no clue how to buy online or are unwilling to buy three or four different sizes of an item to try and figure out what size works for you or if the item even suits you. So I have a list of things that I am looking for while I’m in Winnipeg this weekend and in Minneapolis the first weekend in June.

Jean shorts. When I cleaned out my closet a couple weeks ago I realized that I do not have a pair of jean shorts that fit me at all. And while it has been a very cold spring, the 40 degree days are rapidly approaching and jean shorts will be essential to creating outfits.

Black pants. We are going back into the office on Monday and I need a pair of straight leg, comfortable pants to make outfits with, I have a very skinny ponte fabric pair and a knit flare pair, but I need a cotton or linen, or whatever regular trousers are made of that are just a straight leg. Not a wide leg, not a skinny leg, not cropped. Just a basic pair of black trousers.

White pants. I also need a pair of white pants to make outfits with. I have some blue and white tops that are begging for white pants to create the outfit. I’m not certain what cut of pant I’m looking for, but I’m going to take one of the blouses with me to try on with the various options I’m hoping to find.

Navy cardigan. Why are offices so cold?? I need a cardigan to wear with some of my sleeveless blouses to make the temperature more comfortable and wear my cute blouses. I am kind of excited to wear nice clothes again.

Hair elastics/pony tail holders: I am still linguistically challenged around these words. My big hair ties are all stretched out, but I haven’t wanted to buy the ones from Wal-Mart that make my hair break, I’m hoping to find some silk ones in my travels.

Regular face sunscreen. I am really enjoying the Supergoop Glow Screen, but it is extremely glowy and I find it makes me a bit oily by the afternoon, shiny, not glowy. So I’m hoping that mixing it with a normal or matte sunscreen will be the perfect amount of glow.

Spin Class. I was also hoping to book a pilates class, but I can’t find a studio that I can figure out how to book at without calling and I would do that if I lived there, but for a single class I can’t be bothered.

Threads. I’m going to take a couple canvases and try and kit them with threads to be able to stitch them.

Nespresso pods. I had enough to get me through until my trip to avoid buying them online at a coffee a day, but I will need more.

Books. I am so excited to go for a wander around Indigo.

I’m so excited!


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