Friday Favorites: Cost Per Wear and Moon Knight

This week felt so normal, I loved it. Work felt normal, as in still too much but manageable, I cooked proper dinners, I got my chores done, I even went for a walk. It was great. Really that’s all I have to report. Tomorrow I’m heading to Winnipeg for a city weekend and I’m going to try and find my parents’ first farm in Canada, where I was born and hit up a spin class, among other city things.

Social Media Favorite: @BlondeBrokeandBougie – Becca

Becca is a finance influencer, I guess you could call her. She talks about getting out of debt, investing, health insurance and IRAs/ROTH IRAs (which mean nothing to me as a Canadian), and actually using the things you own. I think that is the most important part of her content to me, I recently purchased her outfit tracker and I am obsessed with it. There is so much DATA there. It’s so interesting to see your cost per wear, what items you wear, what types of clothes you spend the most on.

My chart is still a little skewed, you start from 0 wears, but you put the purchase prices of all the items you know or can look up the purchase price of. So I haven’t worn my winter coat in the two weeks since I started tracking, so it looks like it hasn’t been worn at all, but I wore it all the time for 4 months, so it’s cost per wear should be in the single digits, but because I haven’t worn it in the past 2 weeks, it’s cost per wear on the chart is still it’s purchase price. So it’s kind of frustrating that things that I’ve had for ages and know in reality have a low cost per wear, don’t have that reflected in the data. I’m going to estimate that it will take about a year to get a truly accurate picture of your wardrobe’s true state. But it is fascinating.

I also just enjoy the way she talks about personal finance. There is nothing preachy or belittling about it. She just seems super normal. She’s also not really a feed post influencer, more a stories influencer.

Movie/TV Favorite: Moon Knight and Harrow

These are both on Disney+;

Moon Knight is such a good show, I did not know a thing about the story/comic going in to the show, but it was such an interesting storyline, and I’m really curious to see how this story gets integrated into the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also good Lord Oscar Isaac is an amazing actor.

Next is Harrow, it’s an Australian procedural on the Star section of Disney+, it follows a pathologist who is also interested in the why behind why people kill. I’m still on the first season, and there is an underlying storyline that is reaching a head as i write this that I’m very intrigued by.

Podcast Favorite: The Preppy Podcast: Lycette

The Preppy Podcast isn’t normally my favorite podcast, they interview various founders of different brands that the host considers to be “upholding the preppy lifestyle” whatever that means. But there are a couple episodes with founders that are really interesting. Including this week’s with the founder of Lycette Designs, Jessica Chaney (that may be her maiden name, I’m not certain if/when she changed her name). I think that what Jessica has done with modernizing needlepoint as an industry, and as designs. I don’t know if needlepoint would have had the pandemic resurgence of needlepoint as a hobby without her work, along with that of Pip and Roo, Morgan Julia Designs, and Eva Howard Designs, along with influencers like Carly Riordan.

Random Favorite 1: Lamb burgers

I don’t know what I did to make these burgers so good, but they are so simple, maybe it’s just the meat. I bought some ground lamb from the farmer I take my compost to, but these were the best burgers I have ever eaten in my entire life, just amazing.

Random Favorite 2: Working with people in person again

This is a bit more abstract, but I think everyone will know what I mean after the pandemic. Over the past couple weeks, really the past few months, I have been working more with people, more in person, and as much as I love working from home, it has been really nice to engage with people again. Like people who really annoyed me over zoom are so much better in person, it’s just grand.

I’m not certain I’ll get a Saturday Scroll up tomorrow, we’ll see how the drive goes tonight and what time I get in later on.

Have a great weekend!


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