My Favorite Amazon Buys vol. 1

I never used to shop on Amazon, I was a conscientious objector to Amazon shopping (except for a couple textbooks I couldn’t find anywhere else once in 2014 and once in 2017). But since moving up here I have come to rely on Amazon a bit because there truly are some things that I cannot find up here and there are so many things that are just so much cheaper on Amazon, and if I’m choosing between Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, and Amazon, are there any options that are better than the others? Actually a quick google would suggest that Canadian Tire is the slightly more ethically conscious choice, but their selection is a bit crap (although I did just buy my Nespresso there) in Dryden, which is my nearest option. But anyways, that’s a long-winded way of saying that I now shop on Amazon, and as such, I now have Amazon favorites.

Also, these will all be Amazon Canada links, when I follow influencers from other countries Amazon links I look at the brand name and the product name and then search that in my Amazon.

One. Pomodoro timer. We are supposedly going “back” into the office (I put back in quotes because technically I have never been in my current workplace’s office), and I am going to miss this silly little thing. I don’t think that it would be appropriate to bring an alarm that goes off every 15, 30, 60 minutes into a shared workspace, but I will continue to use it for chores. It’s so easy to get myself going by saying “I’ll just do 15 minutes of work, or not picking up my phone, or chores, and then you end up getting way more done in 15 minutes than you think you can AND you end up engrossed in your tasks and keep working after the 15 minutes are up. Or you can stop and know that you met your original goal.

Two. Jumbo pack of Command Strips. I bought these out of desperation last year when I could not find Command wall-hanging strips in Sioux Lookout or Dryden and had stuff that had been sitting for about 10 months waiting to be hung. This is a much larger pack than you will find in any big box store, it is actually great value for money, and I haven’t had to buy anymore since and I have taken down and rehung stuff countless times since I bought these. Generally, I love Command wall-hanging strips for avoiding putting holes in rentals.

Three. Stretcher bars. This is a niche item, but I couldn’t find stretcher bars for holding needlepoint canvases while stitching anywhere in either Michaels craft stores, local needlepoint shops, or online in Canada anywhere except on Amazon, and I do much prefer stitching with a frame. My hand cramps so much less and I don’t feel like I’m crumpling the canvas while I stitch. I’m considering buying a second set as this bag only comes with 2 of each size, and to make a square frame you need four of each size.

Four. Trendy “That Girl” glasses. I wanted these for a while after seeing them all over social media, both Instagram and TikTok, and it took a while to find them in Canada and a while for me to decide to buy them when I didn’t really need new glasses. But they are really great quality, they are heavy and feel very sturdy and are a great size.

Five. Jumbo Moleskine. I had no clue they even made Moleskines with this many pages in them, I thought I was ordering a normal one. But then it arrived and it was a thick boi and I am thrilled.

Six. And the ultimate Amazon product, my first time buying something that I was influenced on and my first real Amazon order, the ChomChom roller. I cannot believe how well this product works. It is a reusable pet hair roller and it works so well. It is superb. If you have pets that leave hair on your sheets and furniture you need this. Nothing works as well as this. It doesn’t work on clothes, but on everything else it is miraculous.

I have of course ordered more stuff on Amazon, but there are some things I haven’t tried yet (my silicon heel savers will likely be getting used this weekend), but other than my no-show socks and protein powder, nothing has been a dud.

What are your Amazon favorites?


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