April Empties

There was definitely a net gain when it comes to beauty products, skin care, and stuff in general this month. It was needed, my clothes were in rough shape, I couldn’t do a full face of make up because I literally didn’t have the products (and by full face I mean a full face of basic make up, not like a full beat), and I was running out of skin care so fast. So I don’t regret the net gain, but it is really the first month since I started a Project Pan that I have had a net gain, so that’s 18-ish months? There are some things I should have stocked up on earlier, but I couldn’t afford to so it also balances out another light regret, which is how much I’ve been working lately, but it’s all about seasons. This has been a get your money on track, get the things you’ve been putting off, so that future you can have an easier, more pleasant life.

Probiotics, I’m still not certain if these are doing anything, I don’t know how to tell, but I did re-buy these this past weekend when I ran out. I’m not about to get on here and start preaching about gut health, there’s enough people on the Internet doing that, but I also don’t think these are hurting me, so I’m going to keep giving them a go until a physician tells me not to.

Coffee. This is the coffee that I get when I run out and can’t get to Dryden for a while. I definitely prefer the Lavazza coffee I normally get, but the grocery store in Sioux Lookout doesn’t stock it and this is decent.

Hair mousse. I’m a bit annoyed at the packaging of this, I can hear that there is more product in this container, but I cannot get it out, and you also can’t see into it. And it’s one of those products where the pump actually activates the foam portion, so I can’t just cut into the packaging because then it won’t get aerated as it’s pumped out and it won’t work properly. And it only worked decently, it was also for my hairstyle like pre-COVID and I haven’t really had a hairstyle since, so maybe it was the haircut, or lack thereof, that was the problem. I also don’t have an Aveda salon here (Allie, I miss you so much), so I won’t be re-purchasing anytime soon.

The usual contact waste, I have an appointment to see if I’m a candidate for Lasik this Friday and I’m super excited, but also nervous. I have wanted to get Lasik done since I was a teenager and learned about it and I think I’ll be devastated if I’m not a candidate.

So this isn’t technically an empty, there’s still some product in there, but it’s like four or five years old, so definitely expired, and I hate it. It is so dry that it has to be used over an oil or some kind of moisturizer so that it actually applies and doesn’t just drag your skin around and it has a terrible white cast. I’m never buying again, I’m currently using the SuperGoop Glow Screen, but if I do ever go back to a low waste sun screen it will be the Raw Elements tinned sunscreen.

Hand cream. This did not cut it. To be honest, I don’t really get the hype around Aveeno products, I don’t like the way they feel on my skin and I don’t think they are that great at moisturizing. I bought it because I hadn’t tried it since my eczema had started getting bad in like 2018, but it didn’t even touch it. Not buying again.

I use Dove soap for everything, washing my face, washing my body, by my sink for hand washing. Although I am thinking about getting a refillable pump for beside the bathroom sink, we’ll see. I would also love to switch to a soap that isn’t made by Unilever, but we’ll see. It’s just so good for everything.

And anti-perspirant, listen I am an anti-perspirant girlie and I am here to stay an anti-perspirant girlie. I do wish that someone would make an anti-perspirant in plastic free packaging, but that is no longer enough to get me to switch to deodorant. I gave deodorants a solid three years of different brands, different formulations and it’s just not it. So I’ll be here, emailing anti-perspirant brands to ask why they can make deodorant in plastic free packaging, but not anti-perspirant.

Here’s to a less spendy May!


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