A Week-ish in Outfits

High: Honestly, it was a pretty mediocre week. I don’t have much to report. Spending a couple nights in my own bed was quite exceptional.

Low: A work project I was quite proud of got pulled for what I consider to be a trivial reason and it seems to have caused quite a fuss and not be trivial to upper management which then trickled down to us and it just seems to be very out of proportion. I also am having an absolutely brutal period, I’m not going to remove my IUD, but I am reconsidering ever getting another if this keeps up.


What I did: work from home, pet sit

What I wore: Pullover – old – Joe Fresh, Leggings – Lululemon, Sippers- L.L. Bean

What I did: Work from home and office (I realized I needed to go in for packing supplies half-way through the day, I was very grateful I got ready that morning), delivered and sorted packages in an airport hangar, pet sit

What I wore: Sweater – Reitman’s, Jeans – Reitman’s, Slippers – L.L. Bean (look an entire outfit that is linkable! I think I’m a proper blogger now).


What I did: work from home, pet sit, have a terrible mental health day (I cried by 9:30am, had an overwhelming feeling that I was going to throw up when I logged into a camera-on meeting, grabbed my coffee mug, and surreptitiously threw up into it, and took a 2 hour nap).

What I wore: Hoodie – old – Joe Fresh, Leggings, – Aerie, best socks ever – Ugg

Thursday and Friday//

What I did: Work from home, pet sit

What I wore: T-shirt – old – Dex, Leggings – Aerie


What I did: ran errands, cleaned, packed for another work trip

What I wore: Raincoat – old- Joules (similar style, only in solid), Sweater – old – Talbots, Jeans – American Eagle (the label says low-rise but they are really a mid-rise, nothing like the traumatizing low rises of my youth), Sneakers – Vessi

I already have half my week’s outfits planed out thanks to a work trip that I packed for Sunday (when I normally write this post), which is kind of nice, no thinking each morning.


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