What I’m Buying in March

This month is feeling a bit less predictable than February did. I’m expecting a very large paycheque so I might have a bit more flexibility to be able to do some of my other goals that require spending money. But I’m not sure, I need to see how much it will be before I can really figure out what I am doing. However, some things I do have planned, mostly car repairs and restocks.

So it’s come up a couple times already, but I had to replace my car battery. I technically needed to do it in February, but the day I declared it dead was the day I headed up north for work, so I had to come home, get it boosted, get it to the garage, and then pick it up when I came back. Which put the repair and payment in March. I budgeted $400, but expected $250, and it came to $270, so that was cool. And my car starts better than it has all winter. This isn’t in the March plan, but if I spend another winter up here I want to get a block heater. It’s the thing you get installed in your engine that sits over your oil pan and keeps it warm, so that your oil stays viscous and flows through your engine nicely. It also helps keep the battery warm, cold batteries lose their charge faster than warm batteries. Hence, why my car kept dying when it was really cold (although batteries do also die with time, my dad says about 7-8 years is their average lifespan). My car is a 2014, so that would be right on the average. Long story short, I want to get a quote on how much a block heater would be, so that I can save up over the summer for it.

I also need to do a skincare restock. So I’ve budgeted $205 for that, but I forgot I got a Sephora gift card for Christmas, so I should also be underbudget here. I’m getting my Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, First Aid Beauty Niacinamide Eye Cream, and the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint. I do want to go through my drawer and see what else I am running low on, but that would require an extended period of time at home and I won’t have that until next weekend. Which actually now that I’m thinking about it, that might be the perfect timing since I won’t get my pay cheque until this Friday.

Black spray paint. This likely seems very random, but I have these silver frames around my Rifle Paper Co. city prints and I don’t like it anymore. So, I’m thinking that black would be better and go better with the brasses and golds around my apartment.

Bras. I would like to get a strapless bra and a smooth bra for better wearing under t-shirts. I love my Elomi Matilda bras, but the seams and embroidery (and headlights) are really visible through thin blouses and t-shirts. I also think a strapless bra that will work with the Nap Dress collection I am building. I am leaning towards the Skims bandea bra, I have read and heard amazing things about it from bra-wearers of all sizes, but especially busty bra-wearers. And I’ve always had a thing about KarJenner brands, but Skims (and Good American) have really good reviews, and with everything Kim has been going through with Ye, I’m down to support our girl. But I’m also going to text my bra lady (she gave me her personal number when I was back in Ottawa and got fitted when I told her where I lived), and get her to send me some options.

And then I also have some items in my Amazon cart I’m hoping to get. Including disposable face masks, a bed skirt to cover up my ancient and ripped up box spring, a car mount for my phone, and a cord maker for finishing needlepoint ornaments.

That’s all I have planned for now. There is a part of me that is hoping that I can just apply all my extra earnings to my credit card debt and not feel the urge to spend it, but how to balance the urge to not buy anything with the urge to buy everything I think is something I am going to have balance this month. Which is a bit earlier than I was expecting to this year and I’m not quite as mentally prepared for it as I was hoping to be. This is the part of debt repayment I’m least looking forward to.

If you have any tips on balancing purchasing things you really want and have been thinking about for a while and paying off debt, I would love to hear them.


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