A Week in Outfits

There are a chaotic amount of different mirrors and backgrounds in this post, and I didn’t take pictures on Monday or Wednesday, and I wore the same outfit all weekend. So truly inspirational and aspirational stuff happening here this week.

So Monday-Wednesday, I was up in Mishkeegogamang assisting with their outbreak response. Thursday I was home the whole day, Friday I was home in the morning and then at my weekend pet sit in the afternoon. And then over the weekend I was at one pet sitting house for the weekend, but on Sunday I switched pet sitting houses and stopped in at my place in between. So, it was all over the place this week.

Monday // No photo taken, but I wore the same pair of jeans for basically three weeks with various different tops (I did wash them once a week). I would like to expand my jeans options, but these jeans are a perfect jean. They are comfortable to sit at a desk in all day. They look good. They are durable enough to handle unloading a truck. They tuck into snow boots perfectly. A superb jean. This is my second purchase of these jeans and I will buy them again when they wear out if Madewell still makes them.

Tuesday // Sweater – Talbots -old (this Banana Republic one looks lovely), Jeans – Madewell (see love note above), Mask – Pandemic

Thursday // Set – Joe Fresh (old), Slippers – LL Bean

Friday // Set – Joe Fresh (top (not available anymore) // bottom)

Saturday and Sunday // Hoodie – old Joe Fresh (similar), Leggings – Lululemon

That’s all! I’m pet sitting Monday to Friday this week, but I’m hoping that my week will be consistent enough that I can get a picture everyday for the first time in weeks.

I am also so excited that it is warming up, I cannot wait for spring outfits, next weekend I am planning on going through my closet and seeing what I have and what I need to make outfits. I know I will need a replacement for my very favourite yellow gingham jumpsuit, it is done, I have to accept it. So now I need something that I feel comfortable throwing on no matter what I am doing and is cute, and can be layered over a t-shirt or under a cardigan or denim jacket.

What are you wearing?


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