Friday Favorites: eco-anxiety, oranges, and Boob Sweat

I think the most honest favorite thing for me to say at the moment would be my bed. I am sleeping in my own bed twice this week, and Thursday is my only full day at home, writing from Thursday, it has been bliss. Although, I have to admit that I struggled at work this afternoon, and then I had a three pm americano and am still buzzing lol.

I am pet sitting this weekend and all next week, and both of these clients have had me booked for so long that I don’t feel like I can cancel (and one of them is going south for surgery, so I extra extra feel like I can’t cancel on them), I was thinking about it last week and I just couldn’t mess up their plans because I was tired. So I didn’t, and I’ll be glad of the money when next week is over. And I have kept next weekend completely clear (despite being very tempted by glow in the dark curling next Saturday night), so that I can sleep in and recover, and I am tempted to ask for the Monday of that weekend off so that I can fully chill and sleep in and catch up on my life. But I still struggle with taking time off work, this is my first job with paid leave of any kind, so I’m not used to not getting a pay cut to take time off. But that could be a whole other post.

Social media Favorite: Rachel Lea

Is YouTube a social media?? I’m not certain about that, but I’m going to count it as one. I would have never thought that I would have picked Rachel as a favorite. I mean I like her content, I subscribe, I follow her on Instagram, I watch all her videos, but her content isn’t normally something that inspires or resonates with me. However, the beginning of her rant in this chat really resonated with me. I would like you to watch it, please do, but I am going to get into the meat of it here. She talks about a couple comments she got about being a bad consumer and how bad for the planet it is to move and how they really bothered her. She talks about how her family lost everything in the Australian fires that one winter that the whole country was on fire, and that after that she moved to Canada and she gave her family all her furniture when she moved. It is cheaper and easier to replace your furniture in a new country than to move it, that’s a fact. And her mom, who was now living alone, because her dad was dead and her siblings had moved out, and she didn’t have a stitch of furniture. And that lead into a conversation about eco-anxiety and how she has worked to get past feeling guilty about buying items that bring her joy, like home decor, and paint by numbers kits, and cross stitch kits. And I really connected to it.

At the peak of my zero-waste lifestyle ideation I didn’t buy books, I didn’t knit or needlepoint, I didn’t have hobbies, because they involved plastic packaging. And if that works for you then cool, do it. But it didn’t work for me, I was miserable, and crafting brings me joy, regardless of the packaging.

Movie/TV Favorite:

Honestly, I don’t have one this week. So weird.

Podcast Favorite: Boob Sweat by Katie Sturino

Boob Sweat is back! And it’s just as good as it was a couple years ago! In this episode, Katie and Maddy talk about going to the doctor as fat women and the anxiety that comes with it, they also interview a doctor who practices HAES (health at every size), and answer some questions left by listeners on the pod’s voicemail. It was a really interesting listen.

I’ve never had a doctor tell me to lose weight, and I’ve always been listened to and validated whether I’m a size 8 or a size 16, so I don’t know if I’ve just gotten lucky, or maybe it’s an American thing, but I really don’t think it is, there are too many stories for it be isolated to one country.

Random Favorite 1: Montana

My little fluffy-butt orange tabby. It should be clear that he’s always my favourite, but with being away on-and-off for three weeks, I am so glad to have him and so grateful for his squishy little face and squeaky meow.

Random Favorite 2: Oranges

This is another weird one, but when I was in high school I used to eat an orange as a late-night snack almost every night, and I’ve been doing that a bit lately. It helps that oranges are in season right now, but oranges are just so good, the perfect fruit.

Photo by cottonbro on

I hope you have a restful weekend.


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