Saturday Scroll 03/05/2022

I have joined the wordle crew.

I am so exhausted. I’m pet sitting this weekend, but I fully plan on spending most of the weekend napping with the pup when he doesn’t need walks or to go outside. I really wish I was in my own home, because I never sleep as well when I’m pet sitting, but this weekend may not follow that pattern because I am so exhausted. I don’t even plan on doing laundry this weekend.

I want to binge-watch something this weekend, but I have no clue what’s happening on streaming right now, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Again, most importantly this week, updates on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including how Black and Brown Ukrainians and students in Ukraine are having a hard time fleeing Ukraine, hope that humans are in fact good, a summary of the cultural and sport response and government sanctions against Russia, and the impact of sanctions on ordinary Russian citizens.

Why it matters that not all wars and tragedies get the same news coverage.

I really love the look of the Hill House Lily Dress, a shirt dress is so my style, but I’m scared to buy it, get it sent to Canada and then it not fit, so I like Carly’s review, but I would love to see a review on a larger body.

I’m in love with the pearl trend, especially in hair accessories, smaller budget // (much) bigger budget, and of course this bag that I am still thinking about two weeks later.

I started watching Pam and Tommy, but haven’t finished it (there hasn’t been a lot of time for TV I actually want to pay attention to), but Pamela Anderson and Netflix are working on a documentary of her life and career.

Scallops, and pearls, and trench coats, oh my!

Planning ahead for joy.

I have a ton of books in my cart, including a ton from Grace’s list of February reads.

Carly’s “needlepoint camp” makes me want to start a new tradition.

Why does reaching goals sometimes fall flat?

I have been thinking about coffee table books, and I love Slim Aarons photography, so his new book is also in my book cart.

I love these healthy lunch ideas. But I’m also totally blown away at how the definition of healthy has evolved from like 2015. There is bread in these recipes. There are sandwiches on this list. I can’t believe how far we’ve come.

If My Fitness Pal ruined your life 10 years ago raise your hand. I haven’t tried any of these, but these four apps seem to be the exact opposite.

I really want to have some kind of morning routine, that isn’t my normal frazzled, out-of-time morning routine, these tips seem a bit woowoo, but I might take a few and leave a few.

You’ve probably heard of the Free Little Library, but the Free Little Art Gallery is here to take its crown.

This isn’t yet an issue in Ontario, but as mask mandates get dropped worldwide, if you would like to continue wearing a mask to work, here’s how to respond to your co-workers.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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