Saturday Scroll: 12/11/2021

Cute stocking stuffers.

Why do long drives feel so good?

I have wanted to do a sleepover at Ikea ever since I saw that Kelsey from The Sorry Girls got to do one as part of an influencer trip. Well, a bunch of random Danish people got to do that after a snowstorm and it sounds like a dream.

“At one time, there were only two types of women: the Madonna and the Whore. Now there are four. That is an improvement.” -Candace Bushnell

I appreciate when we can recognize that times change and sometimes things just aren’t good anymore.

2021 in absurd vibes.

Chic gifts under $20USD.

How to prepare for your first flight in two years(LOL)

And Just Like That.. came out on Thursday, I haven’t watched yet, but the elephant in the proverbial room is Samantha.

I believe that vintage leather and fur are the most sustainable options for those types of products. They don’t require new animals be harvested and they will biodegrade at some point. But mushroom leather is intriguing.

I’ve been looking into bakuchiol as a retinol alternative as I really don’t think my skin could handle retinol, this article has me sold.

This holiday party etiquette quiz is absurd and fun.

Given how much I hate last night’s Instagram update to look like TikTok and clearly prioritize video content, I’m clinging onto the return of the chronological feed for Insta-tolerance.

Olivia Rodrigo is Time’s Entertainer of the Year. Given the surprise I had of her being 3 of my 5 top songs in my Spotify Wrapped, this isn’t a surprise to me.

Have a great weekend!


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