Friday Favourites: 12/10/2021

Instagram Favourite: @KatieSturino

Katie Sturino is very cool, very fun, and very inspiring. She started her own PR firm in her 20s (the original Tinder), got internet famous with her dog Toast (RIP), got internet famous herself with her posts and blog The 12ish Style, and then started a skincare company called Mega Babe that make products that work really well and fill a real gap in the market. Thigh chafe stick, anti-sweat boob powder, body powders, foot deodorant, a mask for buttne. It’s honestly marvelous. I haven’t tried the Le Tush mask, it’s pretty strong to be able to work on your body skin and my skin is so sensitive that I haven’t wanted to chance it. But the armpit mask and thigh chafe stick are both fantastic.

Katie also wrote a book, or maybe a workbook, called Body Talk, that is superb. I keep referring to it and will be re-reading it in the new year as it will fit in with some of my goals.

Anyways, on Instagram she is so fun, she is always trying to re-create celebrities looks, down the pose, and tries on jeans, underwear, bras, button downs, to find those that work on her body.

Movie/TV Favourite: The Holiday

I just re-watched this on Wednesday night. It is SO GOOD. The cast is magic, even the supporting actors, John Krasinski and Kathryn Hahn as the junior movie trailer makers, Lindsay Lohan and James Franco in the movie trailer, Jay Simpson, who is one of those British actors you see in everything! And then of course the main characters, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black as a love interest. Next time a man says that women don’t actually like dad-bods, I’m going to bring that up.

Podcast Favourite: My Favorite Murder: Celebrity Hometowns with Nicole Byers

So MFM is a longtime show favorite of mine, but recently they have been doing extra Wednesday episodes where they have one of their celebrity/comic friends on to interview about their “hometown murder”. Hometowns are a thing they have been doing for years, listeners have been writing in, and Karen and Georgia read their story, the story that got them into True Crime. And I love Nicole Byers, I think that Nailed It is one of the funniest shows on streaming all because of her. And her podcast Why won’t you date me is hilarious.

I also have a second podcast favorite this week, this week’s episode of The Cut podcast was about how to talk about money with your rich friends, and if you even should. It was so interesting, and so useful. I’m running into this situation less now, everyone seems to be more economically equal up here (well, either employed or poverty stricken are the only options up here anyways) and there aren’t a lot of ways to show “conspicuous consumption” up here.

Wildcard Favourite 1: Lindt Candy Cane Truffles

Lindt White Peppermint Truffles 19 oz Bag : Grocery & Gourmet  Food

These are my favourite store-bought Christmas treat. I love chocolate and peppermint, they taste like peppermint bark wrapped around a silky smooth truffle filling. So good.

Wildcard Favourite 2: Nomad Candles

They sell these at the bookstore/coffee shop here in town, although they are made in South Carolina. But these are so nice. I’ve had the coconut, bourbon, vanilla one and currently have the sandalwood one and rose and olive branch one and they are all really nice. And the wood wick makes a really solid crackle.

Have a great weekend!


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