Saturday (scratch that) Sunday Scroll

We’re back to this on Saturday, for now at least (well that was the plan, I had no wifi Friday night and all day Saturday). I wanted to do a candle round-up for Wednesday, because I’m running low on candles and there’s something about being cozy for fall and burning candles.

I have been dreaming (literally) about traveling to Paris and Madrid again lately, so Meghan’s Paris packing list and insta-stories are helping soothe my desperate wanderlust.

New Adele- and go best friend – she’s the first person ever to be on the cover of British and American Vogue at the same time, the interview is written up slightly differently, but essentially the same, and really good.

I’ve been working through my Halloween costume bracket on my Instagram (@lauracaeris) but these Y2K options are super fun (Jenna Rink made my shortlist, but only ginger characters made the bracket this year.

It’s part of the ginger contract that you must stan Lindsay Lohan, so you bet your butt I’ll be tuning into her upcoming podcast.

New Jersey is never somewhere I imagined wanting to go, it’s just the somewhere you have to go to get to NYC, but Elsa’s stories and guest post on Carly’s blog kind of make me want to go.

When I grow up I want to be Grace Atwood.

This came out last week, but I loved it so much, the cult of the nap dress.

Tips from a professional organizer.

This house is so gorgeous!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am considering this heinous floral sofa I found on Facebook marketplace, but apparently they on their way back in style.

I’m still very much on the fence about watching any of the Britney docs, but I’m not totally opposed to it, I just know that she isn’t a fan of them and her consent hasn’t been given for any of them. And how do we balance #FreeBritney with other companies making money off her story and image?

Related: Suck it Jamie.

Also, don’t forget who Brit is and why there are so many people who support her.

A Hollywood starlet documentary I will have no problem watching, What Happened, Brittany Murphy (also note to never name a child Brittany because bad things seem to happen to them).

Is the Hollywood portrayal of plus-size women changing?

I know everyone thinks Cher being on Scooby Doo is totally random, but Kacey Musgraves is kind of our Cher and and she did this show too (it’s also low key good).

I actually have plans for Thanksgiving this year (I’m not hosting, so I can chill a bit), but I would love to get into setting tables and doing tablescapes. Although I have no clue where I would store all of this stuff.

I have always loved this look, black cigarette pants with a ballgown skirt on the back, and Balenciaga (not normally a house I like), brought it back. It’s an incredibly chic and elegant mullet.

Kacey, I absolutely adore you, but I will not sign up to another streaming service just for your album’s movie. I’ve been waiting for it to show up on YouTube, and this girl seems to have the old thing (no breadwinner or simple times) in this playlist. The subtitles are in Portuguese.

Ralph Lauren’s ready-to-wear is my dream closet.

The flawed idea of the perfect immigrant.

Everything we know about season 2 of Bridgerton.

Have a great last few hours of your weekend (unless your in Canada then we have a whole nother day!)


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