Friday Favourites:

This week was a rollercoaster! Mostly in my personal energy levels, on Wednesday I was essentially useless during the day but in the evening. I got task after task after task done. So it’s been a wild ride. I feel both behind and accomplished at the exact same time.

Elsa Massey @SimplyElsa

Elsa has become one of my favourite influencers, she seems really genuinely kind and I really love that she still has her “day job”, it makes her more relatable to my life. We are also very close in size, we are different distributed of course because no body is exactly the same, but we are even the same bra size. So, if I’m on the fence about something (like when I first bought a Nap Dress), I will go look and see if Elsa has worn it and if she has any sizing recommendations. She is also so stunning and just seems like a gentle soul.

Knives Out

This is part of my Thanksgiving weekend movie marathon plans, but I now have actual social plans on Thanksgiving Sunday so I got a jump start. I had never seen this before and all I knew was Chris Evans in a cable knit sweater. And let me tell you it did not disappoint. I did not see the twist at the end although I do totally relate the nurse’s panic wondering if you mixed up meds, which is why I always quadruple checked and sent videos to the vets when I was giving injectable meds independently lol ~aNxIeTy~ although that actually would have caused more problems given what Ransom did.

I can’t believe it’s not buttery! (LuLaRich Deepdive Part 1) – Be There in Five

Kate talked about the latest pop culture documentary phenomenon and MLM scandal/story the LuLaRoe documentary on Prime, LuLaRich. If you haven’t watched the documentary you must. I truly cannot tell if they are stupid, out of touch, or very, very smart and very good liars. But Kate really gets into the fake female empowerment and links to Mormonism that LuLaRoe has and just the audacity of MLMs. I haven’t listened to part 2 yet, but she has a cult expert on to breakdown the overlap between cult language and MLM language, but I’m saving that for a drive or long walk over the long weekend this weekend.

The Blair Skirt from Hill House Home

I finally got my Hill House University order last Friday and tried it on on Sunday (I didn’t take any pictures, but I did make an incredibly chaotic TikTok) and I am potentially even more in love with the Blair skirt than I was when I saw it online. It is incredibly well made, I love that it fastens like a full kilt (as in it fully opens up and I think my favourite part about it is that on the inner fastener there are two options for where to clasp it so you can kind of customize the fit a little bit (like maybe an inch tighter or looser depending on what you need). It’s a really good length. The only thing I can’t figure out is, the pleats in the back are kind of tacked down, like there is one thread running through each of the pleats and you can see it on the outside. So I feel like you are supposed to remove it, but I’m not sure.

My Vessi shoes

I’ve talked about these before way back, but they are far and away my most worn shoe. They never give me blisters, they are super comfy, and they wash super well. I just tossed them in the washing machine with some powdered tide and air-dried them and they came out looking nearly brand new (they’re dirty again already because I insist on walking on the beach in them on my evening walks) but these are the best walking shoes I have ever owned.

And yes they really do keep your feet dry!

I hope you have a great weekend planned, and happy Thanksgiving!!


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