Home Workout Upgrading

I’ve been working out at home (like everyone else, of course), for about a year now (I did not work out in March or April 2020, at all). Then I realized that this pandemic wasn’t going to be a three month thing like I thought at the beginning and that I needed to figure something out to counteract all the pandemic baking that I was doing (hi, yes, I recognize the diet culture in that statement.)

So I started doing Aubre Winters’s Instagram lives and IGTV workouts and signed back up for Tone It Up’s Apps. That was great, but I was using chickpea cans for weights. I ordered some Bala bangles and sliders- then I had my emergency surgery and was essentially immobile for 4 weeks. I then only worked out sporadically until I moved here. You know that TikTok where the roommate comes back and she stops her workout and gets all awkward – that was me living at home with my parents. Also I couldn’t handle the comments, every time I did exercise at home it was “Good for you”, “Good job”, and other comments about moving, exercising, losing weight, it’s such bullshit and it made me not want to workout ever just to avoid the comments.

So moving has been really good for actually getting workouts done but I definitely want to get heavier weights and a bit more equipment. I actually really like working out at home and while I miss spin classes and the stair climber there’s a lot that I don’t miss and so I think I’m going to keep it up, so even though we will hopefully be able to go back to gyms in a few months I think I’m established as a home workout person (unless I have to have a roommate or live with my parent’s again).

Home Gym Wants

Is there any workout equipment more aesthetic than Bala? It’s all just so pretty and I find the Bala bangles that I currently have to be really comfy and easy to use. My last order from them was a bit of a nightmare for shipping, but their customer service was superb. I have this colour of the Bala bangle and it’s just so chic and is very Instagrammable – although now that I think about it I definitely haven’t taken a picture of them lol. The weird squiggle looking thing is called the Bala Beam and is supposed to function like a barbell, I like the idea of not having to worry about plates and clips and stuff. And then the little pill things are just hand weights, called the Bala Bar, but they’re supposed to be really good for your wrists as the weight isn’t on the ends of the weight but evenly distributed throughout the weight and as someone with shoddy wrists and ankles that sounds like a good plan

I have had the same yoga mat since 2013 and I have abused it. It is really starting to shed and is super scuffed up. Now I don’t know if I’ll actually buy this Alo Yoga one, but the colour is super gorgeous and I’m so drawn to it, and aren’t blogs supposed to be aspirational??

I really just want Girlfriend Collective to start shipping to Canada again. It’s just so unfair that not only can I not go anywhere, I also can’t get soft, comfy, supportive, eco-friendly activewear.

@SedonaChristina posted about Alder Apparel a while back and I have been thinking about them ever since. I don’t know if hiking stuff counts as home workout equipment but it’s part of my exercise routine so I’m including it. And it’s my blog and I do what I want. They have a simple line but it is all really cute and practical looking, as well as being ethically-made and eco-friendly AND size-inclusive, they make up to a 6X! So cool. Pictured the Take a Hike shorts.

Have you bought anything that has really upped your home workouts’ ante, please share any recommendations!

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