Obsessions: May 29

Hey friends we’re back with the post I always write as my cat runs around the apartment howling as he does every Saturday morning, only Saturdays I don’t know why or what he wants, but this is our Saturday morning routine.

Also the featured image is a picture of my college friend Justina Reinhardt’s photography that I absolutely adore. She did a #ArtforAll project where she sent a certain number of free prints out to people who signed up to encourage offline art viewing for those of us still in lockdowns. I love it so much!

Instagram obsession: I don’t know if this is technically an Instagram obsession or a real life obsession, but I’m putting it under Instagram because I don’t live close to Toronto anymore.

My little kitchen table that I love so much is from there and I have seriously considered spending many thousands of dollars on her furniture and home decor pieces.

TV/movie obsession: The Hardy Boys. Okay I know this is a kid’s show. It’s on YTV which is a kid’s network in Canada, I can’t remember what the American equivalent is, but it is so good. I never read the books so I don’t know if it is true to the books or not, but I have a feeling that there probably wasn’t so much supernatural stuff. But they are trying to solve their mother’s murder and it turns out that she was reporting on a mysterious group that used a magic stone to control the world. It sounds so stupid like that, but it is such an easy, enjoyable Saturday morning watch. I can’t recommend it enough (I watch it through StackTV via AmazonPrimeVideo). Actually the YouTube trailer below is showing me that it’s a Hulu original, we don’t get Hulu in Canada, so there’s a fun fact.

Podcast obsession: The Morning Announcements. This is technically a Betches podcast I think, but basically Sami, the host, was doing a news breakdown every morning on Instastories and then she turned it into this podcast. It’s essentially a 4-5 minute explainer on US news (and occasional international stories) the provides a brief breakdown of what is really big and happening. I like that it gives you just enough information to be conversational. I really wish there was a Canadian version of this; American news and politics is SO wildly accessible and Canadian news and politics really has to be sought out. Like I can name most of their Supreme Court Justices and know that it’s a life appointment whereas I just found out this week that Canadian Justices have term limits! (Thanks TikTok lol)

Ok I didn’t think I would be into book videos on YouTube, but then I watched Jack Edwards review of the books that Kendall Jenner had out during her AD or Vogue home tour, I don’t know which and I don’t care enough about the KarJenners to seek it out, but this is one of the funniest videos I have ever watched. It doesn’t matter if you don’t care about Kendall Jenner, this is so good. I have literally never watched an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians or followed any of them on social media and it did not impact my enjoyment of this video at all.

Cherry season. I was really nervous that we wouldn’t get cherries in grocery stores up here and I haven’t seen them in my local store but I did get some last week in Dryden and I was so excited! I love cherries so much and their season is so short. Maybe that’s how I should figure out where I want to settle down, where are cherry and peach season the longest??

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Have a great weekend! And here’s a bonus in case you forgot who you were, honey:


Threw in a little wh*te gurl dancing to spice it down a bit 👁👄👁 #witch #mommymilkies #singersongwriter #bop #fyp #queer

♬ original sound – Tyler


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