Mid-Week Procrastination: The Return

This was the last thing I put together before I unexpectedly stopped writing for two weeks. It wasn’t planned, I had like 8 posts half-written to be finished or take photos for in my drafts and just stopped. But here we are with one of my favourite posts to put together, mid-week procrastination: a bunch of articles and things I like on the internet. A lot of bloggers do this on the weekend, but sometimes you need a break in the middle of the week for those things. Also I normally post these on Wednesday, but it was a long weekend in Canada this past week (we don’t do Memorial Day, we do Victoria Day and it’s the week before) so Thursday kind of is the middle of the week.

I have a feeling that for Canadians it will be the fall of revenge travel; but I like the sentiment of this piece.

This bit about how we are all a bit annoying is really great for when you might have some anxiety about re-engaging with society.

Finally, a piece on how millenials struggle as adults that doesn’t infantilize us down to people who can’t make our own appointments or pay our bills but actually focuses on the two economic crashes that our generation has been through and the way that has impacted our economic power and through that struggle to meet classic markers of adulthood through financial success and independence.

I’m sorry this is just too funny. Yo JT, maybe it’s time to do something kitschy like the United States.

If you know a grad this year, Vogue asked them what presents they want. But honestly, all I wanted was at least a 1-year contract job and cash.

As a certified pale person sun safety is important, I always take the advice of Megan because she is a skin cancer survivor and knows what she is talking about now.


I’m in the market for a new candle. I love my Boy SmellsxKacey Musgrave Slow Burn candle, but it’s too heavy for summer. I’ll be working off Carly’s list.

About how most of us didn’t actually slow down during the pandemic.

I don’t really subscribe to the idea that we are ever too old for anything, but if you are on the edge of Olivia Rogrido’s target demographic you may like this.

An Indigenous-only modelling agency designed to protect them from racism and targeting by a racist and discriminatory fashion industry AND plans to have elders “on-call” for advice and cultural recalibration. We love to see it.

This Ukrainian apartment is so beautiful!

There are many aspects of my beauty routine that I cannot wait to get back to. I also can’t wait to get back to museums; apparently both those things could work together to make us more beautiful.

One of my pandemic besties has a new man and a new apartment and honestly she seems so happy and it just is so – wholesome. We love to see it.

I mean this is a must

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