March Empties

This series is to help keep me accountable in my journey to reduce my single-use plastic consumption and Project Pan progress. This empties post is a little different. I don’t have a nice big class photo of everything this month because I couldn’t bring myself to pack up and haul what is basically garbage across the province for a blog post. So there’s a pre-move class and a post-move class.

Also there is something about moving that produces so much waste. I know you’re trying to use stuff up so you don’t have to pack it, and some months you use more stuff up then others but lordy it seems like a lot of empties this month.

Pre-Move Empties:

This is all of my pre-move empties. Nespresso pods, concealer, contact solution, hand sanitizer, and facial oil.

I think this was one of those situations of everything running out at once, and I was actively trying to use these up. I myself don’t own a Nespresso machine (although I do want one of my own after living with my mum’s for a couple months) and so when I moved out again I wouldn’t have one anymore. I do have about 3/4 of a sleeve that I brought with me. But I have only ever placed one order of pods back in January, so they last a decent amount of time and I probably used a pod a day.

I know that pod-based coffee options are not eco-friendly but when there are no nearby coffee shops and lattes, cappucinos etc. make you happy I think it can be worth it. I know that there are going to be people out there who won’t agree with this but I don’t think there is any point in making yourself miserable to be slightly more eco-friendly. There are also people out there who say things like “Well its the corporations and petro-chemical companies that do all the pollution and are destroying our planet so why bother?” And I don’t agree with that either, I think there is somewhere in the middle where we can do the most that works for our individual lives.

Next is personal care products. We have contact solution, hand sanitizer, concealer, and a facial oil. I didn’t seem to take a picture of this contact solution. But last month when I went on and on about the Optixcare contact solution and mentioned that the one I was currently trying to use up was vastly inferior, this is the one I was referring to. I am so glad to be back to my one true love, Optixcare contact solution.

First up is the Biossance squalane and Vitamin C rose oil. I adore this product. It makes my skin look and feel so good and it makes my low waste, cardboard tubed sunscreen that I use everyday just glide onto my skin, which is a pretty dry, chalky product. If I try and use it without an oil I drags and pulls on my skin. This product is magic. But expensive. I had gotten it as part of a holiday kit last November and I think the whole kit was maybe like $77 CAD, but this product itself is $95. I almost didn’t buy it when I went to restock, I had no clue it was that expensive. But I did repurchase it and while my wallet may not have been happy about it I just adore it so much.

Oh did I mention that it smells fantastic? It doesn’t really last, like my face doesn’t smell like roses all day, but when you put it on it’s just so heavenly and luxurious and lovely. And then you glow like a real influencer all day.

This is just some random sanitizer I bought in maybe like September? It was the first time I had seen hand sanitizer in a store for months and I just grabbed a handful, didn’t smell it, didn’t read the ingredients list, didn’t check to see if it was test on animals or not. It was like the first time I saw Lysol wipes (I like to keep them in the car for spills or if I unexpectedly offer someone a ride home from something so they don’t think I’m disgusting) they weren’t Lysol brand but we were all so desperate for disinfectants that we bought whatever we could get our hands on. It doesn’t smell like cheap vodka or tequila which is really all that matters. I don’t need flashbacks to a college bar whenever I want to disinfect my hands. I have another one of these to use up and now have a bit of a collection of hand sanitizers so I’m set for a bit.

I also have never been a hand sanitizer person. But I think I might continue to be a mask and hand sanitizer person for a long time.

This concealer lasted an age. I have no clue when I bought this. It was almost definitely expired but it still worked and it didn’t smell so I just used it up. I think it worked quite well, I’m no make up expert though. However, Nars now sells in mainland China which requires animal testing, I have another one of these to use up so I will use that one up but then I will be switching to something else. I’m considering maybe RMS Uncoverup? Ideally something in refillable packaging, or glass, and from a brand that doesn’t do animal testing.

I think it is such a shame that China requires animal testing. So many large brands had moved away from animal testing, Nars, L’Oreal, Benefit, etc. but China is such a huge market that if they want to grow and value profit, of course they are going to go there. But to go there, they have to show animal testing. Most of these brands specifically make product for the Chinese market and only those batches and products are animal tested and the product for other countries are completely separate. So the Benefit blush or the Nars concealer I buy here in Canada is not from a batch that has been tested on animals, but still I find it super icky that something I use out of vanity may be impacting some poor creature.

I had been using plastic-free hand creams and lotions for a bit but my hand eczema has been terrible for nearly two years and I have had a few moments of desperation where I would go to pharmacies and just buy anything with a good reputation or that a co-worker, a client, a blog, WHOEVER recommended. This is one of those things that I am talking about when I talk about not sacrificing your quality of life to not use a bit of plastic. I think this is probably a good hand cream, but it didn’t have any impact on my eczema. If anything I think it might have been itchier after I used this, but the rest of my hand would be soft and feel moisturized. So I can’t really recommend and I’m not re-purchasing.

Post-Move Empties

More hand cream, a candle, a couple pens, and toner pads.

This is a truly fantastic candle and a truly fantastic candle company. It’s definitely a luxury candle company, but not on quite the same level as like Diptyque. Boy Smells is a small-business out of Texas and is queer-owned. I bought my first Boy Smells candle out of Blush in downtown Guelph, which broke my heart late last year when she closed. I could never afford to shop there when I was in school in Guelph but it was the kind of place I imagined myself shopping when I had a real job and I know I can get those brands elsewhere, but there’s just something about the places you imagined your ideal life happening in closing that is heartbreaking. If you’re going to go for a Boy Smells candle, this one is fantastic but I think the Les is even better.

I think I saw it on Pinterest, but I like to clean out my candle holders, either to recycle or to reuse. I like that these ones are nice and straight up and down which makes them easy to reuse. I use them in my bathroom to store my reusable cotton pads and then those random tubes of things like face masks and my prescription eczema things. It just keeps things corralled and I don’t feel like I need to go out and buy some random acrylic container. Also my new town doesn’t accept glass in their municipal recycling program, so I’m probably going to get quite creative with all the glass I’m going to refuse to throw away. Also, if whenever I am able to go to Thunder Bay or Winnipeg without quarantining when I get back to my town if you see me sneaking stuff into a recycling bin somewhere just mind your own business.

I loved both of these products. First up are the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. These made my skin look so good and didn’t cause a flare up of face eczema (one of my biggest goals in life is not triggering face eczema). I really love the product, but I won’t be repurchasing solely because of the pads. It’s just so wasteful. Just bottle the product and let me use my reusable facial pads (PLEASE First Aid Beauty). The next product is this hand cream that I got for Christmas. It is a really nice hand cream. It has a gorgeous fresh scent, which made me nervous because scents can be really triggering for my eczema but this really worked well with it. It didn’t make it go away completely but it would really soothe it. It was fantastic. I have no clue where it came from and to be honest I have not looked into it, but I would repurchase.

I didn’t feel the need to take a picture of the pens, but I used up 2 pens this month. Last year my cousin sent me this gorgeous fountain pen that I am working on transitioning to, but I still have a handful of pens to use up before I fully get to having 1 fountain pen. I am also nervous to have a fountain pen in my purse. It just seems like asking for an ink explosion.

If you have any toner or concealer recommendations I would love to hear them!

Have a great day!


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